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Everything you need to know about Bio Patents

Everything you need to know about Bio Patents

A biopatent, or biotechnology patent, is a patent granted to inventors for biological entities and products obtained from them. These patents are vital in stimulating innovation and investments in the field of biotechnology as they give the patent holder exclusive rights for a fixed period of 20 years, commencing from the date of filing the application.

Scope of Bio Patents:

Biopatents protect all biotechnological innovations, from GMOs to pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, gene sequencers, engineered organisms, vaccines, and treatments

Requirements for patentability:

For an invention to be patentable they must fulfil the requirement of novelty, non-obviousness and industrial application.

Patent Application Process:

A patent application needs to be filed with the patent office. The application has several components, including a description of the principle of the invention, claims that define the scope of protection of the patent sought, and any supporting data or experimental results. The patent office carries out a detailed appraisal of the application, ensuring from all parameters whether the application is patentable or not.

Exclusive Rights:

A bio patent, grants rights of exclusion to the patent holder, which prevents others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented invention without their consent. This monopoly allows the owners to recoup research and development costs as well as profit from the invention achieved either through licensing agreements or outright commercialization.

Term of Protection:

Biopatents secure rights for the patentee for 20 years. After expiration, inventions enter the public domain, open for unrestricted use or monopolization.

Global Impact:

Biopatents are pivotal for global health, agriculture, and biotechnology, shaping the fields of medicine, agriculture, and genetics. Global patent laws vary from one country to another.

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