Knowledgentia Consultants is the best corporate international law firm in India. We are recognized for our expertise, credibility and ensuring logical solutions for our clients. Our core team has a forte in handling the entire ambit of Corporate and Intellectual Property Right law matters. We facilitate copyright, trademark and patent protection, licensing, enforcement and commercialisation ventures for a wide array of clients ranging from leading industrialists to brand owners domestically as well as globally making us the best Law Firm in India for Global IPR protection and corporate matters. Being the best litigation firm in India and esteemed members of National and International associations including Asian Patent Attorneys’ Association (APAA) and World Intellectual Property Forum (WIPF), we have a well-established network to enable our clients strengthen their visibility across the globe.
Knowledgentia Consultants is a best law firm in India with global presence. We have a strong network of associates across the world including Asia, North America, Europe, South America and Africa. Apart from this we have offices in below mentioned three locations:-
  1. NEW DELHI- W-19, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi
  2. CHANDIGARH- House No. 80, Sector-8 A, Chandigarh-160009
  3. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- 2804 Cole Castle Dr, Lewisville, Texas, 75056
Knowledgentia gives a variety of global services for preserving intellectual property (IP) across nations and for settling IP disputes and Global IPR protection. In matters concerning the field of IPR, we provide following services:-
We conduct prior art and invalidation searches, infringement analysis, freedom to operate analysis, due diligence and patent audits, thus  providing our clients with comprehensive search reports with our opinion so that they can assess the scope of patentability of their inventions which makes us the Best patent consultants in India. Our Patent Management Services include managing timely publications, filing request for examinations, follow-up for first examination reports, preparing and maintaining portfolio in case of more than one patent by same applicant, managing renewals, deadlines, national and international portfolios maintenance, regular status-check and updating clients, follow ups to avoid procedural delays in application processing, patent watch services for any infringement and counterfeiting etc. We draft and file both Provisional and Non – Provisional/Complete specification. We file international PCT applications as well as convention applications. We also undertake Patent Litigation in India, in case of any infringement.
We are one of the best trademark and brand registration firm in India. Best IPR law firms in India for both domestic territory and across borders also offering all the services from registration of Trademark and Brand to handling enforcement domestically as well as via Madrid route worldwide.
At Knowledgentia, we offer Copyright registration services in India along with handling enforcement.
We are Best Law Firm in India for registration of design.
We at Knowledgentia, provide expert services with respect to safeguarding trade secrets through drafting appropriate legal instruments customized to the unique and specific needs of our clients.
Knowledgentia Consultants is the  Best International Corporate Law Firm in India and we are also known for providing best NRI legal services in India. We provide exemplary consultation through contract drafting, reviews, arbitration mechanisms and detailed drafting of contracts and agreements so as to minimize litigation. We handle mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of business entity, contract drafting for employment, third party contracts and agreements, Cybercrime and Privacy issues as well as policy drafting for corporates and organizations including start-up. In addition to above matters, for our clients we handle: –
We ensure compliance and handle issues in the matters of employment, policies, corporate laws and various regulatory matters for our clients. As best litigation firm in India, we also advise corporates in matters of litigation and manage business disputes of our clients with other competitor businesses.
We take care of protecting the interests of our corporate clients and handle all corporate matters in NCLT as well as cases where competitor business adopts fraudulent practices to misuse Intellectual Property of our clients. We have become the Best Litigation firm India by handling conflicts and disputes to protect the rights of employees during employer or employee strife.
We deal with matters and resolve disputes pertaining to RERA Act. We advise our clients on property registration in India, joint ventures, property acquisition as well as risks associated with non-compliance in case of Real Estate projects.
Knowledgentia experts have vast experience in handling matters pertaining to all above important corporate legislations making us one of the top law firms in Delhi. We advise clients not just locally but all across the globe so they may carry out their activities in conformity with corporate laws in India.
We, Knowledgentia Consultants are an acclaimed NRI legal firm in India. Few areas where we assist our NRI  include but not limited to: –
We assist NRI’s in transfer of their property, partition matters, legal documentation pertaining to buying/selling of property in India. We assist for drafting, review and registration of various documents including Agreement to Sell, Power of Attorney, Agreement to appoint a caretaker, rent agreement and other required documents.
We handle all litigation regarding land & property for NRI’s including out of court settlements. Illegal transfer of property, illegal possession, tenancy issues and unauthorized sale of property are few issues where we assist our NRI clients to legally claim their rights and benefit from the said property. We also facilitate the mutation and transfer in revenue records, property tax authorities and other departments as applicable to the type of property.
We, also facilitate the due diligence of property so as to advise clients based in India or NRI regarding the title, encumbrance and devolution of property. This enables them to take a conscious decision regarding their investment in immovable property in India.
Our team makes the Best Litigation firm India which can handle all kinds of litigation for NRI’s and we are well connected in many cities across the length and breadth of India which makes it easier for us to support NRI’s belonging to different parts of the country.

We extend our services for Counterfeiting legal action to protect our clients against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life & property. Our expert team has been litigating in many forums across the length and breadth of country to protect consumers against unfair trade practices. We provide following services to our clients who are the victims of violation of consumer protection laws: –


Our trained team of lawyers provide all kinds of advisory services that will help you take best possible course of action in your situation. We can help you resolve disputes out of court and make sure the damages that you have suffered are properly accounted for through Ombudsman and Legal Notices.


As the Best Litigation firm India, we have robust consumer protection laws to protect and safeguard the rights of consumers. Our experts have vast know how in dealing with consumer laws and will ensure that your rights are enforced in most effective and speedy manner. We are well equipped to file consumer complaints as well as to handle Consumer litigation in District, State and National Consumer forums.

Our experts provide appropriate legal advice relating to cybercrime and privacy issues in conformity with Information Technology Act, Indian Evidence Act and Indian Penal Code. We are well equipped to handle matters in Cyber cell and ensure the case reaches a logical conclusion expeditiously.

Yes, indeed at Knowledgentia, we handle attestation and embassy legalisation of documents of all kinds. We provide our clients with all relevant information, timelines, documents required as well as assist them in smooth legalisation of various documents, making us the best NRI legal service in India.

Knowledgentia having  the best property transfer lawyers in India  provide expert guidance, legal consultation, facilitation and logical conclusion as expeditiously as possible for all immovable property dispute cases and related issues. Our services for property registration in India include but are not limited to title search, devolution of property with verification from revenue records, succession and transfer of property through will or intestate, probate proceedings, drafting and registration of will, mutation of property and all other supplementary legal services.

Our team of Property dispute lawyers in India ensures that all pros and cons and stages of litigation are communicated in advance so as to ensure that a conscious decision is taken by the client. Disputes can be resolved through Family settlement, Pre litigation mediation, partition suit or suit for specific performance and if required proceedings under criminal law can also be filed for fraud, forgery and illegal possession and trespassing depending upon the facts and circumstances of each case.

We, Knowledgentia Consultants helps with Property registration in India and handle the entire ambit of resolution of property disputes including but not limited to issues regarding title, possession, ownership, partition, tenancy, leasehold issues, easements rights, illegal possession of property, mutation and provide satisfactory solution.

Knowledgentia has been instrumental in not only handling gender sensitization but also conducting inquiries under the said law in various institutes, companies and other organizations. We handle the statutory requirements as sexual harassment compliance consultants. We along with others members of ICC handle the complaints and effectively conclude the entire inquiry process and submit timely recommendation to the employer/Director or Dean as per the policy. 

We, Knowledgentia Consultants are external consultants with various organizations for ensuring transparency in inquiries, committee decisions as well as to enhance awareness of the employees and associates thereof. We handle the policy as well as contract drafting services, review thereof, drafting of public notices in organizations and all supplemental requirements thereof.

We also advise and facilitate the constitution of Internal complaints committee in consonance with the law and ensure that the reporting requirements to the Ministry and local governments is complied with.

With the prime objective of integrated awareness and development for organizations in this direction, Knowledgentia Consultants has initiated awareness programs about committee formation and compliances for the same. The aim of this is to formulate appropriate strategies and undertake programs aiming at policy/ regulatory issues that affect organizations.

The Copyright Act, 1957 protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and cinematograph films and sound recordings from unauthorized uses. Unlike the case with patents, copyright protects the expressions and not the ideas. There is no copyright protection for ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts .

Under the Indian Patents Act, any invention in a product or process that has novelty, non obviousness and industrial applicability can be patented. A patent is an exclusive right which the inventor or owner has over his invention to use, sell or license it for a period of 20 years from the date of filing. Following are the steps involved in filing of patent in India-
  1. Patent Search
This is the first and basic step before filing a patent application. Since one of the criteria for granting of patent is novelty conducting a patent search helps in finding out whether the invented product or process fulfils this criteria. Patentability search examines all available prior art that is possibly closest to the concerned invention.
  1. Drafting of Patent Application
A patent application consists of various sections such as Claims, Background, Description, Drawings, Abstract and Summary. These need to be effectively drafted by experts with utmost care and precision.
  1. Filing Patent Application
Patent Application is filed in the stipulated form format after which a receipt is generated.
  1. Publication of Application
The Application is published after 18 months from the date of filing.
  1. Request for Examination
  1. Request for examination needs to be filed 48 months from the date of filing of an application.
  1. Filing Response to objections
  2. Grant of patent
  3. patent is published in a journal after being granted.
Trademark Application in India can be filed by –
  1. Individual/Sole Proprietor
  2. StartUp
  3. Small Enterprise
  4. Body Corporate
  5. Government Department
  6. Hindu Undivided Family
  7. Joint Applicants in case they are partners (Two or more Individuals together as partners)
  8. Limited Liability Partnership
  9. Partnership
  10. Single Firm
  11. Society
  12. Statutory body
  13. Trust
  14. Others – like Foreign Nationals / Foreign Companies

SAs per the Indian laws, a surrogate mother has no legal rights over her child. A gestational surrogacy agreement is signed between the parties whereby obligations of a surrogate mother towards her child and intended parents are outlined. The Indian law recognises intended mother to be the only legal mother of the child.

Contempt of court has not been defined under the Indian laws but it includes all such actions taken by a court of law to protect its sanctity and respect. Civil contempt refers to wilful disobedience of any judgement or order of the court. Criminal contempt on the other hand refers to any act through which there is an obstruction in the course of justice or interference with due course of any judicial proceeding.

Various cities of India now have Cyber crime cells where incidents, complaints and reports of cyber crime can be registered. Complaint can be made offline as well as online. The complaint needs to be filed in written form and addressed to head of cyber crime cell. Apart from this, FIR can also be lodged in any local police station. In order to file a complaint online, one can go on the link https://cybercrime.gov.in/Accept.aspx  and file a complaint accordingly with requisite details.

A breach of contract occurs when any party to a contract fails to perform their part of obligation. For instance, a breach of contract may occur when a party fails to perform a certain promised task within a definite span of time etc. In case of a breach of contract, the responsible for such breach is liable to pay compensatory, punitive or liquidated damages depending on whatever is decided by the contract. The contract might also be cancelled or a party might also be ordered specific performance by court.

A well drafted contract is a foundation of any business. Contract drafting involves outlining rights and obligations of all concerned parties in a written form so as to conduct a business smoothly. The goal of contract drafting is basically to remove ambiguities with respect to terms and conditions to be performed by the parties. An effectively drafted contract is clear, succinct and simple.

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