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Corporate Law

We, Knowledgentia Consultants are an exemplary Corporate Law Firm in India and handle the entire ambit of services therein. We provide exemplary consultation through contract drafting, reviews, arbitration mechanisms and detailed drafting of contracts and agreements so as to minimize litigation. We handle mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of business entity, contracts for employment, third party contracts and agreements as well as policy drafting for corporate and organizations including start-up. In addition to above matters, for our clients we handle :-


We ensure compliance and handle issues in the matters of employment, policies, corporate laws and various regulatory matters for our clients. We also advise corporate in matters of litigation and manage business disputes of our clients with other competitor businesses.


We take care of protecting the interests of our corporate clients and handle all corporate matters including NCLT as well as cases where competitor business adopts fraudulent practices to misuse Intellectual Property of our clients. We handle conflicts and disputes to protect the rights of employees during employer or employee strife.


We deal with matters and resolve disputes pertaining to RERA Act. We advise our clients on joint ventures, property acquisition as well as risks associated with non compliance in case of Real Estate projects.


Knowledgentia experts have vast experience in handling matters pertaining to all above important corporate legislations. We advise clients not just locally but all across the globe so they may carry out their activities in conformity with Corporate laws in India.


Knowledgentia Consultants team has an avid practical experience for handling court and tribunal matters. We have good team of lawyers and paralegal and court clerks to efficiently manage the court matters, filing, registration, hearing for efficacious handling of the legal cases. We handle entire realm of Civil, Property as well as Corporate Litigation including but not limited to Matrimonial matters, Rent and tenancy disputes, Land disputes and contract breach of agreements amongst the corporates, institutions, individuals as well as government. We are one of the most renowned and best litigation firm in India. Few areas where we extensively work for our clients include:-


We handle matrimonial disputes and assist in executing divorce decrees. We present our clients in writ petitions, before labour courts, Arbitral Tribunals, Motor Accident Claim Tribunals and other forums Pan India. Our experts provide all services in drafting and reviewing arbitration clauses in contracts, execution of arbitral awards and filing petitions of obtaining Succession Certificates as well as Letters of Administration. We also handle suits for injunction against passing off and assist in all disputes relating all kinds of IPR.


We represent our clients before Supreme Court, all High Courts, District Courts in all criminal litigation matters. We draft and review petitions for quashing of FIR, handle criminal complaints, complaints under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, bail and suspension of sentence applications, fraud and forgery disputes and matters pertaining to Narcotics and Drugs violations as well.

NRI Legal Services

We, Knowledgentia Consultants provide a one stop solution for legal services for NRI in India and are a conducive platform between the Non - Resident Indian or Person of Indian origin regarding their immovable property or contracts for investment in India in startups or ventures. It is an acclaimed NRI legal firm in India. Few areas where we assist our clients include but not limited to:-


We assist NRI’s in transfer of their property, partition matters, legal documentation pertaining to buying/selling of property in India. We assist for drafting, review and registration of various documents including Agreement to Sell, Power of Attorney, Agreement to appoint a caretaker, rent agreement and other required documents.


We handle all litigation regarding land & property for NRI’s including out of court settlements. Illegal transfer of property, illegal possession, tenancy issues and unauthorized sale of property are few issues where we assist our NRI clients to legally claim their rights and benefit from the said property. We also facilitate the mutation and transfer in revenue records, property tax authorities and other departments as applicable to the type of property.


We, also facilitate the due diligence of property so as to advise clients based in India or NRI regarding the title, encumbrance and devolution of property. This enables them to take a conscious decision regarding their investment in immovable property in India.


Our team can handle all kinds of litigation for NRI’s and we are well connected in many cities across the length and breadth of India which makes it easier for us to support NRI’s belonging to different parts of the country.

Consumer Rights

We extend our services to protect our clients against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life & property. Our expert team has been litigating in many forums across the length and breadth of country to protect consumers against unfair trade practices. We provide following services to our clients who are the victims of violation of consumer protection laws:-


Our trained team of lawyers provide all kinds of advisory services that will help you take best possible course of action in your situation. We can help you resolve disputes out of court and make sure the damages that you have suffered are properly accounted for through Ombudsman and Legal Notices.


In India we have robust consumer protection laws to protect and safeguard the rights of consumers. Our experts have vast know how in dealing with consumer laws and will ensure that your rights are enforced in most effective and speedy manner. We are well equipped to file consumer complaints as well as to handle Consumer litigation in District, State and National Consumer forums.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime encompass wide ranging activities such as fraud and financial crimes, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, harassment, drug trafficking, phishing, crime against property, loss of privacy, data theft, hacking, sexual exploitation of minors, child pornography, identity theft as well as cyber extortion. The crimes are usually high profile and might also end up jeopardizing the security of a nation. Considering how sensitive matters relating to nuclear and biological weapons have become, the threat of cyber-attack continues to loom large over the very survival of humanity. Basically, in case of a cybercrime, computer or the data itself is the target or the object of offence or a tool in committing some other offence, providing the necessary inputs for that offence.

The growth of E-Commerce and digital economy has further propelled an increase in vulnerability of cyberspace. To combat cyber crimes, our experts provide appropriate legal advice in conformity with Information Technology Act, Indian Evidence Act and Indian Penal Code. We are well equipped to handle matters in Cyber cell and ensure the case reaches a logical conclusion expeditiously.