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What are the categories of work protected by copyright?

categories of work protected by copyright

The main statute that governs copyright law in India is the Copyright Act of 1957. It covers a broad spectrum of categories such as literary, artistic, musical, and dramatic work besides cinematograph films and sound recordings. The Copyright Act includes significant provisions such as rights of copyright holder, protection duration, and exception conditions. The following is a review of major provisions in the Copyright Act of 1957.

Subject Matter of Copyright:

Under Section 13, The Copyright Act defines permitted works for copyright protection, which include literary work, dramatic performance or play, musical and artistic compositions, film cinematography among others.

Ownership of Copyright:

Section 17 of the Copyright Act stipulates that ownership rights typically belong to the author, the creator of the work. But there are notable exceptions such as works done in the employment and under a contract.

Rights of Copyright Holders:

Copyright Act, Section 14 grants exclusive rights to copyright holders, including reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation, and public performance or display.

Term of Copyright Protection:

In most cases, copyright protection lasts throughout the lifespan of the author and 60 years without regard to whether it is anonymous or pseudonymous unless published.

Moral Rights of Authors:

An author has moral rights, including the right to be credited and protected against harmful distortion or mutilation.

Exceptions and Limitations:

The Copyright Act allows certain uses without the copyright holder’s agreement, including fair dealing, educational use, and personal reproduction.

Performer’s Rights:

The Copyright Act also contains provisions for performer’s rights, whereby the artists have exclusive control over the performances of their songs and recordings.

Digital Rights Management:

With digital technology, the Copyright Act incorporates rules concerning the protection of technological measures used by copyright owners to restrict the accessibility of their works with anti-circumvention methods.

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