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Knowledgentia Consultants is the best corporate international law firm in India. We are recognized for our expertise, credibility and ensuring logical solutions for our clients. Our core team has a forte in handling the entire ambit of Corporate and Intellectual Property Right law matters. We facilitate copyright, trademark and patent protection, licensing, enforcement and commercialisation ventures for a wide array of clients ranging from leading industrialists to brand owners domestically as well as globally making us the best Law Firm in India for Global IPR protection and corporate matters.

From conceptualising business strategy, setting up business in India, Attestation and Embassy Legalization of Documents to establishing the presence in Indian territory we cater to all the legal requirements and compliances of business, corporates and startups- this makes us the Best NRI legal firm in India. Being the best litigation firm in India and esteemed members of National and International associations including Asian Patent Attorneys’ Association (APAA) and World Intellectual Property Forum (WIPF), we have a well-established network to enable our clients strengthen their visibility across the globe. Founder members are also registered start-up facilitators with the Government of India, acting as a conduit and supporting prospective ventures- your one stop solution as finest trademark and Brand registration firm in India.

Trademark and Brand registration firm in India

In uncomplicated terms, trademarks are unique symbols used to distinguish goods or services from a separate organisation. The symbol could be a design, sign, picture or even expression. It is significant as it distinguishes your merchandise in the market. It can be connected with your brand or goods. Trademarks are categorised as intellectual property and hence is protected from infringement under the Trademark Act, 1999. For protecting the trademark rights, one has to register the trademark by taking the help of a Trademark and Brand registration firm in India

Trademark does not have a particular limitation time as in the case of patents. A trademark registration expires ten years after the registration, but it can be renewed again for the next ten years. As long as you continue to renew the brand, the trademark will not expire and will remain under the protection of the Act. Contact the Best Brand registration firm in India to book a session. 

Attestation and Embassy Legalisation of Documents

Indian Originated records that are needed to be produced in different nations have to be approved from the particular Embassies/consulates within India. The Attestation and Embassy Legalisation of Documents mean to get authorised such documents from the corresponding embassy particular method has to be comprehended. The document should be first verified by the particular state home department or Human Resource Department and later ensured by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Then lastly individual Embassy will approve the documents.

The legalisation of documents: The Ministry of External Affairs consequently legalises the papers on the basis of the mark of the designated signing jurisdictions of the State Government/Union Territory/Chambers of Commerce. You must consider taking assistance from the Best NRI legal service in India for impeccable documentation. 


What's New

Seminar Update

Knowledgentia team joins international seminar conducted by renowned experts from WIPO, LESI and ICC to discuss how innovation and knowledge transfer can drive maximum impact on economic growth and development.

Bridging the Gender Gap

Reaffirming their commitment to promoting Gender Equality, Knowledgentia engages and contributes to the IP ecosystem by affirming fostering of a culture that promotes Women as crucial stakeholders and participants in the field of innovation and technology .

We are pleased to share that we are prize sponsors for Master's Conference on Intellectual Property organized by IIT Kharaghpur and Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property law . We hope and look forward to expand and increase our contributions towards strengthening IP ecosystem .

Knowledgentia Consultants founding partner Ms. Aparna Jain will be conducting an awareness session on Geographical Indication in collaboration with DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar on 1st March 2023.

We are glad to announce that today we have signed MOU with prestigious DST, CPR Panjab University , Chandigarh. Knowledgentia Consultants will be striving with greater zeal towards strengthening IP ecosystem across the length and breadth of India .

Knowledgentia Consultants Founding Partner Ms. Aparna Jain will be delivering a session on Precautions to be taken by Exporters in International trade on 08.02.2023 from 3-5pm at event organized by FIEO.

Ms. Aparna Jain Founding Partner, Knowledgentia Consultants delivered a session on Importance of IP and Tech Transfer for Universities and Research Instititions at National Symposium organized on 02.02.2023 by DPIIT, IPR Chair, Panjab University , Chandigarh in collaboration with DST-Centre for Policy Research, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

We are glad to support our esteemed client Lorbax India Private Limited in securing a certificate for registration of design from the Indian Patent office for UTENSIL BOWL under class 07-02. Heartiest Congratulations for being allotted Design No. 343917-001.

Founding Partner of Knowledgentia Consultants Ms Aparna Jain conducted an awareness session on Gender Sensitivity at workplace in collaboration with Thapar Institite of Engineering & Technology , Patiala on 9.12.2022 . The session evoked great response from the audience and served as a powerful impetus for faculty and students to take responsibility for a healthy and safe campus at TIET.

Knowledgentia Consultants and TIET will collaborate for a noble initiative on 25.11.2022 - The International Day of Violence against Women. POSH training and implementation of the law at grass roots level will help us not only raise awareness but also keep a check on gender based violence in our surroundings.

Knowledgentia Consultants in collaboration with Hitachi Lift India conducted POSH training for all employees on 10.10.2022. The aim of the training was to help employees cultivate appropriate behaviour at workplace and educate all participants about redressal process in case of violation of POSH Act.


Our Services

We are a full service Law Firm with multi specialization of advisory & litigation services in Intellectual Property, Corporate, Civil, Contract Drafting Services, Cyber, Property, Family, and Consumer Protection matters. We handle litigation at all Forums, Tribunals, High Courts, and Supreme Court of India for resolution of commercial and corporate disputes.


Knowledgentia experts are uniquely qualified to advise clients on filing and registration of Patents, Copyright, Trademarks and Design. We also facilitate IP protection  across borders and handle enforcement thereof.


Our corporate & technical team is well versed to handle all necessary legal compliances with respect to commercial transactions, consumer & cybercrime and privacy issues law. We also facilitate legal matters for NRI.


Our team is well equipped to advise on civil proceedings pertaining to property matters, specific performance, estate planning, lease, licensing and litigation relating to immovable property across India.


We provide end to end compliance of POSH Act. Our professional advice is custom designed to empower and proactively build a safe working environment.


Meet the Core Team

Knowledgentia was co-founded by two women entrepreneurs. Our team with its friendly culture and impressive experience is a hub of creativity that never fails to strike a chord with clients and colleagues.

Aparna JainFounding Partner & Lawyer
Harinder NarvanFounding Partner & Patent Attorney
Kumar PritamConsultant & Advisor, US Office
Aashrika AhujaAssociate Partner & Lawyer

I have been a client of Knowledgentia Consultants since 2011. I have always felt that the directions from Knowledgentia have been clear and have helped me to concentrate on things that I needed to know for the progress of my work. Apart from being extremely professional and considerate about my time, the firm has an exceptional track of following up in a timely manner. Being trustworthy and honest in their dealings is their forte and that’s the main reason I strongly recommend them to any prospective clients.


This is to confirm that I have employed Knowlegentia for the last two years for my needs concerning Intellectual Property. I have found them to be competent with regards to the Intellectual Property that I requested to be undertaken on behalf of my clients. Whenever changes and updates were needed, they were also expeditious and complying. I would recommend them to whomever is searching for Intellectual Property professionals.


Sanchit Garg ,
Founder Greencure Wellness

Anandita Ahuja,
Founder EOLO- Earth Only Lives Once

Vivek Kapoor,
Director - Jupiter Aqua Lines Limited

Shubhankar Chaudhary,
Kshemin technologies

Prasan Surana,
Founder - Synergy Teletech

Self Lub
Self Lub
Great people and great service.
Mani Singh
Mani Singh
It is the best law firm I have worked with till date. Aparna is always there for the help & guidance you need. She makes sure that the work should be completed on time. Highly recommended over other firms especially for Trademark and other company works.
amit k
amit k
Anubhav Priyam
Anubhav Priyam
Very Humble & helpful people
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta
Knowledgeable and honest people. Worth more than every penny they charge.
Rohan Anan
Rohan Anan
Sanjiv Gupta
Sanjiv Gupta
Knowledgeable courteous and professional people
Rahul Tanwar
Rahul Tanwar
The Best Law Firm In India
ketan verma
ketan verma
One of the best corporate Firm in India
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