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A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing goods and services of one enterprise from those of another. It can be a product/ business/ person’s name/ surname, abbreviations, logo, tagline, word, combination words, letters and numerals, drawings, symbols, shape, packaging of goods, sound, fragrances, colours. A brand name or a trademarks, helps one in building identity and trust within one’s consumer base at the same time preventing unauthorized use of one’s goods and services. Trademark registration offers exclusive rights to the owner to use the registered mark or even license it to a third party in return for a fixed sum of amount. Registration makes the enforcement of rights in a court of law a much easier process. In India, term of trademark registration is ten years and the same can be renewed after paying a prescribed fee. Knowledgentia Consultants, which is the best brand registration firm in India and one of the best trademark law firm in Delhi provides all services relating to online trademark filings within the country in the most hassle free manner with nominal costs.

The process of trademark registration online can become easy in partnership with Knowledgentia Consultants-

    Once you give us the basic information about what you want to trademark and the industry you operate in, our experts will do a thorough search across the trademark database along with suggesting all possible classes where your trademark application can be filed and registered. Trademark Search helps in minimizing objections because at the preliminary stage itself we are able to check whether the mark you want to register is similar to any other mark registered in the same line of goods and services. At Knowledgentia, you will get advice from best legal experts at pre filing stage that too complimentary and absolutely free of cost.
    Once, the name and class is finalized, the next stage is for having all details and documents in appropriate place. These include:-
  • Applicant’s name
  • Business type
  • Details of Goods and services
  • Brand/logo/slogan name/ picture in jpeg format
  • Registration address
  • Signed Form TM-48
  • Identification proof of the signatory
  • Address proof of the signatory
  • Business proof (depends on the type of business)
  • Udyog Aadhar/MSME registration certificate (optional)
    Once, we receive all the details and documents and we have verified the same, we will proceed towards filling online application form on your behalf , attach relevant documents, digitally sign it and submit the same. We will keep you updated throughout the process and watch out for any notifications from the Trademark Registry until the registration is complete.
    Sometimes the trademark examiner might have some questions about your application. This is sent to you as a trademark objection notice and you need to respond to it within 30 days. Our experts can file a reply along with relevant documents and submit the same on your behalf with the prescribed time-limit.
  1. TRADEMARK OPPOSITION (in some cases)
    There is also a chance for a third party to oppose your application. In that case, you have to submit a counter-statement to the Registrar within 2 months stating why the opposition isn’t valid. Based on your response the Registrar may either dismiss the opposition or call for a hearing.
    In case there is no objection or opposition, the trademark is published in Trademarks journal after which it is formally registered.

Knowledgentia Consultants has earned a name as one of the best trademark and brand registration firm in India as well as most client focused firm providing solutions for online trademark and brand registration matters locally as well as globally. We are your one-stop solution for all kinds of legal, compliance and supplemental matters concerning trademarks. In case of any query regarding this matter you may email us at or visit our website –

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