Posted On: April 5, 2018

Which Law Firm Is the Best for Startups in India?

Startups are mushrooming everywhere, and seeing it in the Indian perspective, we find that it is indeed true and happening so lately. The Government of India is supporting this culture. They have removed the culture of the red-tapism and rolled a red carpet for the budding startups. Many entrepreneurs think that removal of red-tapism has ended the need of hiring a regular law firm in India.

While Seeking a Law Firm to Support Your Startup, Never Forget This Is a Different Ball Game

You need a sensible law firm in India right from the word ‘go’ if you are planning to launch a startup in India. The other factor that one should keep in mind related to the hiring of the law firm in India is connected with the international status of that particular firm. Benchmark a firm like KNOWLEDGENTIA, as this law firm in India understands the legal formalities associated with the startups and it has an ability to counter international lawsuits if you are planning to trade in international markets in the coming future.

Check the Specialization of the Firm in the Copyright Issues

While negotiating with a law firm in India, you must check their knowledge with the copyright presentation of your business. Many clients feel that hiring a law firm in India is more connected with the legal issues that may arise after the inception of the facility. However, the truth is that any law firm in India dealing with a startup business should have this knack for handling copyright related issues. This is the primary battle. Also, the removal of red-tapism is connected to the formation of startup businesses. It is true, all the official formalities have been removed, but the copyright-related formalities still exist.

Hire a Law Firm in India Even Before Making the First Move

The cyber world is all about speed and accuracy; if you are not prompt enough to register your things, then your rivals can steal an opportunity for you. This is why, it is important to allocate some budget for the hiring of a law firm in India. It is an important exercise and it should be done prior to the release of your idea in the market. A sensible law firm in India can save you if somebody copies your idea or somebody try to spin it.

Hire a Law Firm Prior to Any Mishap and Get That on an Economic Price

Let’s assume that you have a million dollar idea that has the power to change the face of the industry. If you hire a law firm in India before the start of your business, then you can get their services at economical rates. Now just think about the second scenario, when the idea is out and your rivals are aware that it is a valuable idea. In this case, a law firm in India can demand a royalty in the sum that you are receiving from a party, who is a defaulter. This is why, it is always better to hire the firm a little early and avail their services at cheaper rates.

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