Trailblazing the culture from “transactional” to “transformational”, we at Knowledgentia Consultants are delighted to announce brands for activities being undertaken under the umbrella of our philanthropic activities of Corporate Social Responsibility. With utmost humility, we hereby introduce our brands under the name and style Hoshiyar hoshiyar and Prachint 00 prachint logo through which we shall continue to create positive impact on society and our environment. With corporate social responsibility as inherent part of our firm’s structure, we shall make an endeavour to create value that can be measured beyond monetary terms.

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As its commitment to  protecting and safeguarding human rights, Knowledgentia has been playing an instrumental role in driving awareness on gender inequality issues. We have been conducting sensitization and awareness sessions for enhancing the understanding amongst the students, faculty, organizations, employees regarding the issues pertaining to harassment, abuse and misconduct. We have also been participating and interacting as stakeholders at various international events to bridge the gender gap in society. We have been participating in the panel discussions to highlight sexual harassment issues and their legalities and have also been a part of launch of Stri Suraksha a mobile application under the aegis of UNICEF and Enable NGO at Gargi College, New Delhi, India.

We handle the entire ambit of work of policy drafting for Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy and other supplemental policies as required by the organization, Institute or Corporates. We have been working as legal external member of Internal Complaints Committee in various institutions to promote this significant cause and impart awareness on gender equality in all arenas.


As our commitment towards promoting economic growth by driving the importance of innovation and awareness about protecting one’s intellectual property, we conduct sessions in Universities and Institutions to reach out to wide range of budding innovators, businessmen and varied stakeholders. Along with academic institutions, we also conduct sessions for Trade promotion Organisations such as Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation (FIEO) to make the Indian/International diaspora aware of the intricacies of IPR and address their concerns about protection intellectual property across borders. In collaboration with institutions and organization in different countries, we have been able to expand our reach by conducting webinar and conferences to enable many start ups, entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates to harness their potential by capitalizing their IP thus driving their country’s economy through their own potential.


We provide valuable legal advice by volunteering our time and expertise to support our clients who come from all walks of life and backgrounds. As a part of our probono consulting endeavour, we engage the entire audience of our presentations and network to understand the correct legal and IP related requirements. We have been associated with various Universities and other academic institutes wherein we provide awareness on aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Sexual Harassment, Entrepreneurship and facilitate their development.

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At Knowledgentia, we strive with the motto that planting one tree is equivalent to saving life. We contribute towards reducing carbon footprint by engaging in regular tree plantation drives. We also, ensure use of recycled material for our stationery and paper resources so as to contribute to reduce the carbon credit content in the atmosphere. 
Sustainable Development refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It calls for united efforts towards building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet. At Knowledgentia, we believe in harmonizing three elements: economic growth through promoting innovation, social inclusion and environmental protection which are crucial for well being of people at large. Through our activities we strongly support UN Agenda Towards 2030 for the achievement of 17 sustainable Development Goals. We contribute most concretely to following sustainable development goals through our activities and practices :- GENDER EQUALITY  We believe in ending discrimination in all forms and through our women empowerment initiatives we directly contribute to this goal. We have been instrumental in enabling strategic compliances for various corporate, academic institutions and organizations with POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace) Act. Be it combating exploitation through addressing cyber crime issues or any other means, at Knowledgentia, our team is self motivated to work towards this global goal. DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH The link between innovation, economic progress and societal transformation is well established. At knowledgentia, we promote sustained economic growth through encouraging entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Our collaborations particularly with organizations in least developing and low income countries is the driving force for achieving this goal. INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE We collaborate and work with various individuals as well as organizations, government and non government alike by filing and protecting sustainable innovation. Technologies in the field of biotechnology, medical devices and various other emerging fields like artificial intelligence promise a better future in terms of reducing poverty, combating climate change and building sustainable cities. We support various stakeholders in society achieve these global goals.
Being registered start up facilitators with the government of India, we cover the entire ambit of business registration, Intellectual property registration for start ups and successful commercializing of their business so as to ensure that they reach a logical conclusion.

We are actively engaging with our team to keep them motivated. We organize monthly discussions to take their inputs and ensure that their productivity is well balanced and they are satisfied with their work environment. We ensure that their personal and professional work life balance is maintained.


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