Posted On: December 6, 2017

What Are Intellectual Property Rights?

How Can Intellectual Property Rights Support You in the Current Scenario?

Intellectual Property has now become a tool to create a real estate in the world of Internet, which is emerging as the new marketplace. Before we ascertain certain intellectual property rights that are in practice in India, for a better understanding of the issue, we should first have a look at the intellectual property service India. The parameters of intellectual property services in India clearly give us this right that, if it is registered properly and if we are the first time creator of any given intellectual property in the form of a software, motion picture, logo, story; then it is our intellectual property and we can refrain others from using it on public platforms and other platforms for commercial gain and up to some extent for personal use as well.

A Clause against Reproduction, Recreation or Republication of Content

Intellectual property rights prevent any person from republishing any content or intellectual property without the consent of the original author or the creator. Most of the intellectual property services in India related practices clearly marks this republication as a breach of the fundamental rights of a creator and thus they invite penalties and even punishments in some cases.

intellectual property services in India

Understanding Keywords Associated with Intellectual Property Rights

The first keyword related to the intellectual property practices is the definition of the creator or the rightful owner of the property. Intellectual property service India defines a creator based on some merits. First is the registration of intellectual property in a competent office. MRTPC related offices, trademark registration offices, and many other offices have the authority to register intellectual properties. Most of these offices work on the line of being a rubber stamp of the date on the property. In a legal case, any such registration can serve the purpose of being a timeline. If two claimants enjoy a striking similarity in the content then, in this case, the value of the date will prevail and the person who registered it prior to a timeline will win the battle. Intellectual property right in India also keeps a check on the duplication of content.

Understand the Nature of Feuds That You Can Face

There are two types of duplications that may occur. First is the direct duplication or the exact duplication of the intellectual property, and the second one is an indirect duplication with the help of paraphrasing or remixing. This type of suits often demands the presence of a sensible player like Knowledgentia. It is very important to understand the fact that the field of intellectual property rights is an upcoming field, many landmark judgments have already seen the light of the day and much more are still in pipeline.

Here the courtrooms decide the degree of the duplication and award a sentence if it is copied. The presence of a law firm like Knowledgentia Consultants can always help you in increasing the capital worth of your intellectual property and convert your claims into healthy claims when you are anticipating some money from your intellectual property.

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