Posted On: November 14, 2017

What all entities/items can be safeguard via IPR umbrella

IPR is more often than not ignored because of the piracy and advent sharing via the streamlined social media and not so streamlined sharing websites. This has proven to be quite a hassle for artists and content creators all across the world. Adding to the problem is the unawareness around the topic of Intellectual Property Rights. Most people don’t even understand the concept of legal IPRs, let alone understanding the details of what entities/items one can safeguard under the IPR umbrella. Here we give you a brief info about the umbrella term of Intellectual Property Rights that can help safeguard your work.

What all is included under IPR?

IPR as a collective term includes the following independent IP rights, which can be collectively used for protecting different aspects of an inventive work for multiple protection:
• Patents
• Copyrights
• Trademarks
• Registered (industrial) design
• Protection of IC layout design
• Geographical indications and
• Protection of undisclosed information
The umbrella term of IPR has been designed to create a lawful safeguard to protect people’s creative ideas and ensure that only the people who came up with the ideas and intellectual property can attain the full advantage of the benefits.

Who can benefit from IPR?

In the modern day world, it has become much more important to ensure that the legal rights of people are safeguarded at all costs. Whether it is an individual artist with a painting or a song, or a scientist with a patented technology, IPR allows for the safeguard of your innovations, technology and ideas so that they can be used as per the wish and requirement of the creator.

How can you ensure that your invention is insured under IPR?

Knowledgentia Consultants have specialised individuals and experts that are specialised in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. You can contact us via our contact us page and come in for a consultation any time you please. We promise to provide you the best advice since we understand the value and importance of your invention and the great possibilities it insures to you. Knowledgentia Consultants are highly qualified experts that have sworn to protect the interests of your Intellectual Property.

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