Transfer of Immovable Property in India

Unfortunately, India Isn’t Switzerland in Terms of Tenancy Rights and Immovable Property

When it comes to the transfer of immovable properties then people living in Switzerland and other European countries are lucky because the processes are not lengthy and general honesty levels of the people are relatively high. When checking the disputes related to the transfer of immovable property in india then a grim picture appears in front of us, it is a picture where endless legal battles unfold themselves on each step and the exercise of property transfer becomes fruitless after a point of time.

Renewal of Tenancy Right Can Become a Tricky Business Here in India

A trend has been observed where many NRIs purchased properties in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. In order to make them a performing asset, they gave away the tenancy rights of these properties to locals. However, there is a technical problem; NRIs are not available all the time. This is why they went for long-term tenancy rights of their properties and this is the place where the real problem took place in their life. The business of the rent and tenancy of immovable property in India can be a tricky business for an NRI because they cannot follow the law of limitations that effectively. You might have seen the culture of creating tenancy rights for eleven months. This culture prevails a tenure of one year can serve the interest of a tenant well. If this right exceeds then three years then it can also become a tricky business of sorts. Indian courts are flooded with the cases where the tenants are playing the role of Shylock and making the life of their NRI counterparts more miserable.

We are an Active Consultant to Streamline Your Property Income

We, at Knowledgentia Consultants, are the active legal consultants; we can move one step ahead and take an additional care of your property by acting on your behalf. As an NRI, you may have this physical barrier that you cannot visit India too often. Knowledgentia Consultants can share this responsibility; we can renew your tenancy contracts and bring safeguard your interests against the long-term tenancy rights. We can also take care of the fare structure. Knowledgentia Consultants can help you with transfer of immovable property in india.

Explore Other Possibilities with Knowledgentia Consultants

Suppose, as an NRI, if you are running a business in India and holding a space for the business purposes then, in this case, Knowledgentia Consultants can take care of your legal portfolio in India. If you are an NRI and investing money in India then the Government of India treats you as a guest and offers you some fast trek services related to your legal matters. Most of the local firms in Delhi are not aware of these special provisions because NRI deals are not a specialization area for them. They do it like any other deal and keep you deprived of certain benefits because they are ignorant of them. Knowledgentia Consultants can fill this gap for you and grab best deals with available best fast-track treatment of which you are entitled because of your NRI status. We can help you with rent and transfer of immovable property in India.

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