Posted On: November 14, 2017

The process of Patent Registrations and best Companies in this field

In this competitive world, where companies ca use all the power and influence to seize any kind of property or information, a company should take serious steps to safeguard their intellectual property. Moreover it is highly recommended to use the services of the professional patent practicioners.

But first of all, what is a patent ?

A patent is a lisence issued by government granting a right or title for a set period of time, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, stealing and selling an invention
This leads us to next question which is why do we need to file a patent ?

A patent gives legal rights, which can deter rival business from using or copying your products or inventions.
Whether you are private inventor working from home or a full-time entrepreneur, protecting innovation is a neccesary step for a modern enterprise. There are many good reasons for an etrepreneur/private inventor/corporate to apply for patents, including :

1. Legal rightful ownership of the invention.
2. Very often, when applying for investment.
3. Protection of your product from the time the patent application is filed from potential harm.

What is filing a patent and how to file one ?

A patent applicationis a request pending at a patent office for the invention described and claimed by that application. An application consists of a description of the invention(the patent specification) together with official forms and correspondence relating to the application. While filing a patent, one has to follow a certain process which is :

Step 1: Determine the type of intellectual property protection that you need.
Step 2: Determine, if the invention for which patent is being filed is patentable one.
Step 3: What kind of patent is required.
Step 4: Prepare and submit your initial application.
Step 5: Cross-examine with your examiner.
Step 6: Receive the approval.
Step 7: Maintain the patent.

With this we come across another question, why patent should be filed by professionals and the best firms in this field. A patent is a techno-legal document on which patent rights are determined and granted.

Using/Picking the appropriate language is important. Often, the inventors file their own patents without any professional help. But some of them may not know about the procedure and its requirements. And that’s when the proffesional firm come into spotlight.

It is extremely important to use the right language as choosing the right word may prove to be quite a tricky task and there are lot of other reasons why filing a patent should be left for professionals to do. One of the best firm, established in this is Knowledgentia Consultants. Knowledgentia Consultants is corporate, legal and intellectual property law firm, based out of India.

It is the preferred partner of several off-shore legal bodies when it comes to legal documentations, legal writing, drafting, patent filing, patent mapping and what not. Knowledgentia Consultants provides services to law firms, universities, research and development wings of corporates and government and other agencies. Knowledgentia Consultants offers every possible solution to safeguard the brand creativity, innovation, design and their intellectual rights.

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