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Immovable Property

Knowledgentia takes care of a succession of property intestate serving the interest of an NRI in an Indian courtroom.

We provides legal assistance and support to redress property related matters like verification of property documents , construction issues , rent or lease matters and other related issues .

We help you in renew your tenancy contracts and safeguard your interests against the long-term tenancy rights and anything related to transfer of immovable property in India.

In the absence of proper legal advice, your property can lose its actual worth. Knowledgentia have come up with a new specialized department to handle cases solely pertaining to the devolution of property by will.

Hiring a standalone lawyer and hiring a law firm like us can make a great difference when you are fighting a battle against the devolution of ancestral property.

NRIs & PIO hire Knowledgentia Consultants to act as their local arm. We are renowned for our completely transparent process to handle litigations associated with the distribution of the ancestral properties.

We are aware of the pitfalls and shortcomings of Arbitration in India draft, and know the legal tricks & hedges to ease them out in the very beginning.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Knowledgentia helps you secure your digital assets and protect them against brand infringements.

Knowledgentia secures and preserves your hard-earned reputation and identity through the Trademark Registration services.

Knowledgentia ensures that you get the right patent professional and expert opinions for guidance to select right match for your patent requirement.

We guide clients with the process and procedure for copyright registration in India to protect the intellectual work of the owner.

We provide global brand registration services and guidance to assist our clients to register their brands and trademarks in a host of countries across the globe.

Knowledgentia is a bonafide legal consultancy firm which strives to assist, advice and protect people from various legal issues.

Under Madrid Protocol, Knowledgentia works on a global system for getting trademark protection for states and/or regions employing a single application.

Other Legal Services

Knowledgentia’s business legal advisory services helps startups, scale ups and other SMEs to evaluate and achieve their business goals and set up their IP portfolio.

We advises start-up entrepreneurs on the aspects of incorporation, setting up business, legal entity, funding, employment agreements, confidentiality clauses and any third party agreement.

A ready arsenal of legal remedies for corporate lawsuits, arbitration, money recovery suits, BIFR & AAIFR, CCI, etc.

Knowledgentia protects the rights of the consumers and helps them achieve substantial results, being a leader in consumer-protection litigation.

We are preferred partner of several off-shore legal entities when it comes to reviewing legal documentation, extensive legal research, insightful legal writing, and legal drafting.

We enforce the legitimate rights of our clients in various forums such as Domain Dispute Resolutions, Cyber Crime Cells, Cyber Appellate Tribunals as well as high courts for both enforcing the rights as well as protecting them.

We advise clients on the entire spectrum of corporate engagements including mergers and acquisitions, asset transfers, joint-ventures & alliances, buyouts, reduction of capital etc. in the most practical manner.

Commercialization of innovation via licensing, franchising, joint ventures and agreements.

Our corporate and commercial lawyers combine strong technical expertise with a track record in delivering flexible and creative solutions.

With experienced lawyers spending decades handling NRI Legal Services in India, we have attained the position of the most preferred legal service provider in areas like property dispute, partition of ancestral property, divorce, child custody & transfer of property.

Simplifying the official legal processes for immigration and settlement in foreign countries.

Our corporate and commercial lawyers combine strong technical expertise with a track record in delivering flexible and creative solutions across all industries.

We help you find case-clinching evidence at every step of your patent litigation process with the guidance of our IP experts.

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