Top Property Dispute Lawyers

Property Dispute Lawyers

Touch-Base with the Top Property Dispute Lawyers for Obtaining an Authorized Succession Certificate!

In today’s difficult global economic slowdown and the so-called recession period, the biggest lifesaver for any individual and or financial investor lies in creating or preserving wealth in the form of any immovable asset(s) or investment in real estate. Whilst this is a statement in itself, the situation related to property matters is all the more vulnerable with innumerable and unexpected challenges. Whether you have a legal dispute relating to your ancestral property, or taking head-on the challenges of a property issue, or finding yourself amidst the darkest clouds of legal disputes related to any property, you are always seeking the much-needed legal support in the form of well-qualified property dispute lawyers to extend a helping hand to your situation.

Problems Faced In Family Property Dispute

You can be tasked by any one of the situations as below:

  • Possession and or partition dispute
  • Intestate succession of property matter
  • Transfer of any immovable asset(s)
  • Property disputes arising out of relationship issues
  • Devolution of immovable asset by means of a will
  • Devolution of immovable asset without a legendary will in place
  • Partnership claims over immovable property

If yes, then certainly the services of expert paralegals and property dispute lawyers are much sought after to help you present your case in the most appropriate manner only to turn the tables round in your favor.

Problem Case

Succession of Immovable Property after Death without Will – The Most Troublesome Dispute!

Out of the situations from the above, the one most commonly prevalent issue is to date is related to succession of property after the death of the owner who has failed to sign-off a Last Will and Testament.

The Process

Some preliminary steps to follow in order to obtain a succession certificate are as follows:

  • Step 1: You need to file a written petition thoroughly verified and signed by you, and paying the necessary court fee for the same with the offices of your nearest honorable district court in whose jurisdiction the property is registered with.
  • Step 2: Your petition will be reviewed by the district magistrate, and he will issue a date of hearing as well as send notices to all the stakeholders or probable claimants as determined and deemed appropriate by him.
  • Step 3: It is only after hearing from all the stakeholders in the property that the magistrate issue a certificate of succession after all the necessary legal paperwork regarding the same property and stakeholders has been submitted and found to be satisfactory.
  • Step 4: The district magistrate holds the powers to ask for any sureties or security deposits that he may deem appropriate to ensure that there will be no loss to anybody whatsoever on account of misuse of the said property.

How Can KC Help in Property Disputes

If you are still in doubt or having trouble getting your claims realized on any property, or still don’t know how to obtain a succession certificate, you can very much trust the services of Knowledgentia Consultants, which has a team of expert property dispute lawyers.

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