Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Knowledgentia Consultants are bonafide owners of website  We at Knowledgentia consider your privacy as our foremost priority and are dedicated to unequivocally protecting the same at all times and under all circumstances. By way of this privacy policy as well as Terms & Conditions listed on our website, we provide you with intricate details how and in what manner we collect as well as process your personal information. Should you have any concerns regarding the same, you may reach out to us at any point in time.


We would like to make it clear to all our users that neither the website nor its owners collect any kind of personal information whilst browsing of website by any user. All the pages of the website have solely been created in a manner and with an intention to present information about firm to its users. Kindly note that at no point in time, do we engage and indulge ourselves in extracting, collecting, using or processing any personal data pertaining to the users who visit the website. Even if there is collection of certain data inadvertently, Knowledgentia Consultants or its affiliates have no intent of using or storing the same for any purpose whatsoever.


Contact Us Page of our website allows users to post their queries pertaining to unique legal issues and concerns of their respective clients. This might include posting of certain information that is sensitive and confidential. Along with such queries, contact details such as Name, Phone Number, and Email Address, among other details, might also be submitted. We would like to clarify that we use this data specifically to get in touch with the user from the perspective of understanding their legal concerns so that we can give sound legal opinion/advice for the same. We hereby confirm that the data we receive is not shared with any third party unless any respective user directs us for the same.


We reserve the right to update and change this policy from time to time in order to accommodate dynamic legal scenario. Any changes we may make to our policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, may be notified to you by email. You are requested to go through this policy from time to time in order to be apprised of all changes.

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