Partition and Possession of Immovable Property

Why you should think of Partition and Possession of Immovable property being an NRI?

NRIs are mostly progressive, hardworking, and high-performing individuals. When a person shifts to a new land, then he certainly starts it from a scratch. Then comes the phase of settlement when a strange land becomes his home, life becomes busy, and the next generation does not want to come back to their roots. This is the condition where most of the NRIs lose the sight over their ancestral property because they cannot pursue the suit for partition and possession that actively. Don’t lose this sight, and see your bonus with Knowledgentia. We at knowledgentia consultants can help you set out from a fix at your new home ground by substantiating your claims by filing suite for partition and possession even while you consolidate your ground for the new home.

Do Not Trust Any Local Lawyer Belonging to the Unorganized Sector

The prices of real estate in India are on a rise, many people are minting gold in this real estate business, and your own property is appreciating at a higher rate. The natural increase in the population is creating demand for residential and commercial centers, and this is where real estate is clocking a growth. Knowledgentia helps NRIs to include their ancestral property in their economic portfolio and treat it as an additional income because of being settled somewhere else and doing well. Many NRIs want to treat their hometown as their retirement town as well; partition and possession of immovable property becomes essential for them in order to obtain it. There is no point in losing a property just because you are far away and cannot represent your case in a suit for partition and possession. So, have the best of the both worlds with Knowledgentia.

Knowledgentia – Your Sensible Representative

It has been observed that settlement of the partition and possession of immovable property becomes a difficult task because relatives that are living in the same city can pursue their case well because they have ample time and ample acquaintance with local authorities. NRIs fall for this trap of being far off from the property and thus they end up in a legal mess that can complicate itself even future. Knowledgentia Consultants streamline these problems quite effectively. If you see in Delhi NCR, we are highly resourceful to pursue the NRI cases and go for the legal battles if they are required. Knowledgentia can aid your process of partition and possession of immovable property.

Trust Is the Biggest Asset That We Have Won with a Passage of Time

Hire a law firm, hire Knowledgentia Consultants! Let's accept the fact that the levels of dishonesty and corruption are much higher in India, if you hire a personal lawyer then there are full chances that he can double cross you and receive a hefty bribe from the other party. Hiring Knowledgentia Consultants is a different ball game altogether; first, we are a law firm; second, you can hire us for multiple issues; and third, we have a rotation policy. It means no lawyer or no person can settle the terms with the other party. Constant monitoring of the case is another issue; the senior team of consultants working in Knowledgentia Consultants monitors your case on a regular basis and this also keeps the things straight when it comes to your property. With Knowledgentia, you can assuredly file the suit for partition and possession.

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Lawyer & Founding Partner
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Lawyer & Founding Partner
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