Posted On: March 18, 2019

After GST, Madrid Protocol Can Be the Next One!

The corporate sector, trade sector, and the organized industrial sector are looking forward to a corporate pleasing mandate in the 2019 elections. Many financial experts believe that demonetization and GST can be considered as the most crucial financial decisions of the previous government, and they have the potential to change the results this time.

How Is GST Connected with the Madrid Protocol?

Why are we discussing the Madrid Protocol with the financial calculations? If you think that under the capacity of a market expert or a trade owner, your ignorance about the Madrid Protocol has got something to do with your knowledge of finances, then you are wrong. Madrid Protocol is not connected with finances or the property; it is in fact connected with the intellectual property.

Think About the Positive Impact of GST Once Again to Find Out the Worth of Madrid Protocol

The biggest advantage associated with the GST lies in the fact that it has simplified the tax based structures for the overseas investors. In the year 2022, many countries will start moving in a free trade sky, this will be the time when GST will work as a boon for them. It will simplify their accounts, and allow them to pick the right spots without any hindrance of unstructured tax regimes. Madrid Protocol also enjoys the same simplification of intellectual property. According to the Madrid Protocol, any company can register an international trademark in an international forum. This forum is constituted under the flagship of a committee made of more than a hundred countries of the world. It means that, if you are registering a trademark under the Madrid Protocol, then you are receiving an immediate accreditation of a hundred countries of this world.  

What Is the Stand of India Over the Madrid Protocol?

India signed this agreement in the year 2013, now they are registered member of Madrid Protocol. An average industry owner in India should see it as an opportunity because now they are connected with the rest of the world and by registering their trademark under the Madrid Protocol they will be able to leave a global impact with their prestigious brands.

Just Like GST, Madrid Protocol Worth Is Waiting to Unfold Its Real Strength

GST will act as a barrier remover for the international players when the skies of the world will open themselves. This will also be the time when many companies will realize the worth of international trademark registration. This will be the time when there will be no barriers in the sky and ideas will flow in the internet clouds to cater to a bigger market in the world. Since India is a member of the Madrid Protocol, you can also register your trademark on an international level.

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