Corporate Litigation

We handle the entire ambit of legal matters both corporate agreements as well as litigation for and on behalf of our clients. We facilitate the remedies for recovery of admitted debts through winding up petitions, suits for the performance of agreements, mergers, amalgamations, de-mergers and compliances with the Registrar of Companies. We also advise start-up with respect to the type of legal entity, its incorporation depending upon the kind of business, services and extent of operations.

Civil Litigation

We advise our clients for the various remedies available for the recovery of their dues, specific performance of agreements/contracts entered by them for business or personal matters. We handle civil suits for recovery, litigation in Debt recovery tribunal, service matters, writs challenging the vires of an Act, writ for mandamus, writ for directions to authorities to take action against defaulters. We also handle mediation including pre-litigation mediation and arbitration matters for our clients.

Aparna Jain
Lawyer & Founding Partner
Harinder N
Lawyer & Founding Partner
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