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Corporate Law

We, Knowledgentia Consultants are an exemplary Corporate Law Firm in India and handle the entire ambit of services therein. We provide exemplary consultation through contract drafting, reviews, arbitration mechanisms and detailed drafting of contracts and agreements so as to minimize litigation. We handle mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of business entity, contracts for employment, third party contracts and agreements as well as policy drafting for corporate and organizations including start-ups.


Knowledgentia Consultants team has an avid practical experience for handling court and tribunal matters. We have good team of lawyers and paralegal and court clerks to efficiently manage the court matters, filing, registration, hearing for efficacious handling of the legal cases. We handle entire realm of Civil, Property as well as Corporate Litigation including but not limited to Matrimonial matters, Rent and tenancy disputes, Land disputes and contract breach of agreements amongst the corporates, institutions, individuals as well as government. We are one of the most renowned and best litigation firm in India.

NRI Legal Services

We, Knowledgentia Consultants provide a one stop solution for legal services for NRI in India and are a conducive platform between the Non - Resident Indian or Person of Indian origin regarding their immovable property or contracts for investment in India in startups or ventures. It is an acclaimed NRI legal firm in India.

Consumer Rights

Giving back to the society we ensure to fight for consumers for their legal rights through Consumer Courts. Recently, with the dynamisms with e-filing for consumer complaint we are handling matters of Ombudsman and also fake products through e-commerce portals in the digital economy.

Cyber Crimes

Digital economy and technology which is the foundation for the present infrastructure which is indeed vulnerable to increase in cyber-crime. It requires legal expertise in this niche area for which our legal team is fully equipped.