Posted On: September 13, 2018

Intellectual Property Service in India | Let Your Creativity and Innovation Flourish

Strengthen Your Invention with Patent Advisory and Registration Services

From a legal standpoint, Intellectual Property Service in India gives your business important advantages and incentives. Intellectual Property Service in India of a law firm like Knowledgentia Consultants helps you protect the brand creativity, innovation, design and the intellectual property rights. Our Intellectual Property Service in India includes advisory, registration and enforcement of all your intellectual property that has moral and commercial value.

We provide Intellectual Property Service in India that encompasses the intangible creations of the human intellect like designs, patents, trademarks and copyrights. We take civil and criminal action in cases of infringement, piracy or passing-off of your intellectual property.

If your invention has novelty and utility, it is patentable. Intellectual Property Service in India helps you get your inventions and ideas patented to prevent their theft or misuse. We help you exercise all your exclusionary rights and create a strong market position. Patents registration services can be applied to processes and methods, which includes inventions, machines, manufactured items, compositions, and designs.

Distinguish Your Product with Trademark Advisory and Registration Services

We help the business owners protect the identifying properties of their product or service. A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression that can be filed for the brand name, the website address, the logo, the slogan, or anything else of that nature.

Protect Your Content with Registration and Enforcement of Copyright

Under Intellectual Property Service in India, Knowledgentia Consultants have a wide array of the copyright registration service that is applicable to articles, books, podcasts, movies, photographs, music, software code etc. Knowledgentia Consultants help protect all your creative and innovative work, enforcing the rights accrued by Copyright registration under both Civil as well as Criminal law.

Intellectual Property Service in India |Take The Legal Steps with Knowledgentia

The intellectual property of your business is an intangible asset and has monetary value. Knowledgentia team takes the right steps towards the surveillance and enforcement of intellectual property rights. With our expertise in this sector, we guarantee the right commercialization and valuation of intellectual property with Intellectual Property Service in India.

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