Indian Legal Service

Indian Legal Service

NRIs, with the legal battles forced on them, can seek help from “Indian Legal Service” experts.

Rapid globalization has led to an increased number of litigations in the Indian domain as well; where NRIs and foreign nationals are exposed to many inadvertent legal challenges. Thus, to mitigate these legal challenges faced by the NRIs and foreign nationals in order to encourage foreign trade, the law ministry has come up with a legal framework in the form of Indian Legal Service. On the directions of the National Legal Service Authority of India, and being under the umbrella of the law ministry, you can expect the best legal advice from our top-notch legal service providers in India. ‘Indian Legal Service’ has opened its limits for help to NRIs struggling legal battles. With rapid globalization, the number of legal challenges and litigations for NRIs has increased massively. Thus to encourage foreign trade, the mitigation of these legal issues for the NRIs has structured a Legal framework as Indian Legal Service.

Legal Service

Under the policy of Legal Services, the following services are duly covered, along with other services rendered by most attorneys in modern law:

  • An attorney or notary public.
  • An arbitrator or mediator.

Seek the Best Brains for All Your Legal Hassles

The conceptualization of Indian Legal Service came into existence to entice the best legal brains and to train their guns on legal matters on behalf of the Indian Government. The core group of Indian Legal Service experts possesses the necessary knowledge and tremendous exposure to the Indian legal system and the laws, rules, and regulations that fall under the Indian Penal Code. This main objective behind the formulation of Indian Legal Service is to render legal advice to both the state governments and also to the central government in all sort of legal matters related to national interests.

Types of Legal Services

  • Legal Aid Clinics
  • Public Defenders
  • Personal Injury Attorneys on Contingency
  • Social Justice Organizations
  • Pro Bono Services
  • Law School Legal Clinics

Giving Legal Advice

Generally, it is accepted and authorized for a licensed legal practitioner to give legal advice, but we should also keep in mind that there is a big line of difference between “legal advice” and “legal information.” For example, a non-lawyer may give lectures or share information on legal proceedings and laws, but it is illegal for a non-lawyer or any unlicensed attorney to offer legal advice or any representation of someone else in the court of law.

Types of Laws

In our Indian legislature, there are four types of Law:

  • Criminal law: Under this kind of law, all crimes like assault, murder, rape, robbery, and theft are included. The police of the administration enforce this type of law.
  • Civil law: Under these legal services, all kinds of right like the right to education, right to trade union membership, marital problems, custody issues of children are included. Precisely telling all other than crime litigations fall under the limits of Civil Law.
  • Common law: Under this Legal service, all those Judge-made or case laws are included. They are also known as Judicial precedent. Common-Law comes under the statutory body of a judicial decision of courts and other similar tribunals. This set of legal services is formed by the judges at issues rolling on various cases opposing laws and rules or in official statues.
  • Statutory law: Statutory Legal services are framed to return loss that is usually legislative body enacted. These legal services vary from administrative to regulatory to common laws and other laws created by other prior court decisions.

Indian Legal Service Is the Extended Working Arm of the Legal Service Authority of India

Indian Legal Service experts can help you with any of your legal requirements. The experts from Indian Legal Service, which is an extension of Legal Service Authority of India, are thoroughly equipped to efficiently deal with any sort of legal matters related to Indian Penal Code, corporate law, copyright law, cyber law, patent law, trademarks, company registration/denies-registration, GST compliance issues, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Our wide service portfolio includes quality services in efficient litigation management, business advisory services, legal support focusing on start-ups needs, quicker dispute resolutions, consumer rights protection, management of movable and immovable property disputes, international law, and immigration services.

Cost-Efficient and Strategy-Driven Indian Legal Services

Our tremendous success and the background in the not too distant past in efficiently leading the way forward in the Indian legal system stands us apart from the crowd of individual legal assistance providers. Our extensive core group members, who are experts in different domains, are not only known to possess strong moral values, but also known for their knowledge, expertise, and experience. By working in a team, we ensure to provide the best strategic advice in a very cost-effective manner. You define your legal requirements, and we will support you as the best Indian legal service provider to guide you through the entirety of the legal process that is necessary to pull you off from any sort of legal hassles.

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