Posted On: August 27, 2021

Embedding Green Technology and Environment for Better Future

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The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the need rather urgency for the international community to think about a green and sustainable lifestyle through which we can take care of needs of future generations without compromising or cutting corners for sustaining our present generation.  An Intellectual Property system that focuses on environment friendly as well as at the same time efficient technologies will in any way be a win win situation for everyone.  Be it revamping building and construction sites, innovation that sustainably uses energy, carrying out wise management practices in the field of farming and forestry, devising methods to control pollution and waste, developing effective as well as cleaner modes of transportation or careful usage of water resources; humanity today has been pushed to the brink to face towards green technology solutions and adoption of clean practices. Either we fundamentally change the way we have been living till now or we face a threat of survival every waking day for the rest of our lives. Innovation has a central role to play in terms of breathing new life in all sectors of society. One such innovation is the emergence of green technologies. At Knowledgentia, which is the best law firm in India offering solutions in line with international practices, we seek to provide effective intellectual property protection to our clients whose inventions, know-how, procedures as well as goods and services aim to create a positive impact on society at large.

Broadly speaking, green technology includes within its ambit products and processes that are environment friendly. The Intellectual Property regime offers protection of green technology through various means. For instance, patent protection, trademarks and trade secrets are few intellectual property rights that green inventors frequently resort to. At Knowledgentia, we have the best patent consultants in India who provide effective solutions for technology transfer, commercialization as well as patenting in line with Global IPR Protection practices. Though transition to a green economy is not a phenomena that will emerge overnight but at the same time if national policy in different countries favour this movement, coupled with sufficient investment in Research & Development leading to public-private partnerships among right stakeholders can be a great catalyst to provide forward momentum to this green technology revolution in India.

Criteria for a technology to be classified as Green Technology:-

  • Green technology is a system that uses innovative methods to create environmental friendly products.
  • It uses renewable natural resources that never depletes, so future generation can also benefit from it.
  • It can effectively change waste pattern in such a way that it won’t harm the planet.
  • It lowers greenhouse gases (GHG) emission to zero as well as its utilization is safe.
  • it enhances healthy and improved environment for all forms of life.

Many leading International Instruments have included within their ambit provisions that acknowledge the role and significance of intellectual property regime to foster and protect green technology. For instance, Article 7 of of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) clearly lays down how the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights contributes to the promotion of technological innovation and to the transfer and dissemination of technology. Many national IP offices too offer programs that aim to support green technologies reach the market at a faster pace.

Below mentioned are few green technologies and inventions that have supported in making our lives better

1: Power House Energy’s Waste to Energy Hydro System

 This unique invention uses landfill waste as fuel to create energy. It works using a chemical recycling process that converts unrecyclable plastic waste into hydropower extracting hydrogen through a distributed modular generation energy recovery system. Plastic passes through a chamber and is heated until it transforms into a gas. The gas is then used as fuel to create electricity. This innovative technology recycles plastic waste into usable energy for businesses and residential areas.

  1. Panasonic’s Healthy Home System

Panasonic has invented Cosmos Healthy Home System, which purifies the air inside your home. The air is  filtered and monitored, using sensors and strategic ventilators. This product is unique because it continuously adjusts the air inside for quality, removing harmful particulates, organic compounds and relative humidity.

  1. The HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

The Tech Giant HP has created a high value laptop, like the Elite Dragonfly which is made from 82% recyclable materials

  1. Stella McCartney’s Textile Recycling

Stella McCartney is best known for her fashion brand and the early adoption of sustainability innovations at her fashion house. Most recently she has developed a range of sustainable sports clothing and shoes for Adidas, using 70% recycled materials.

  1. The Nissan Leaf a Car for the Circular Economy

Nissan has an incredible Green Program that attempts to eliminate waste throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle, from creation to when it once again becomes waste.

We at Knowledgentia, which is one of the best law firm in India, empower our clients and all those who were are connected with to invest as well as create green and clean technologies that can provide the necessary thrust and impetus towards a better world that everyone is seeking to create today.

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