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Knowledgentia promulgates information about the wide spectrum of the copyright registration. The niche arena of copyright registration as applicable to the creative and innovative work done by clients requires protection. Through the Berne Convention this right can be enforced in all member countries unequivocally. The creativity of the authors, composers, artists and innovators in artistic, literary, musical, cinematographic, sound recordings, lyrics, scripts, concepts, software programmes, photographs, architectural drawings and other works are protected under the aegis of copyright registration.


Knowledgentia’s team has vast experience in enforcing the rights accrued by copyright registration under both civil as well as criminal law. Lodging FIR, conducting raids with police help, lodging criminal complaint and ensuring the arrest of accused is the efficacious remedy under the criminal law. Supplemental civil proceedings ensure restrain orders and thus the rights in the copyright are upheld by the court through these remedies.