Copyright Law in India

Copyright Law in India

What is Copyright Law?

Authors, musicians, and painters have a legal claim against anyone who uses their creative works, known as copyright. Producers of movies and music also profit from this privilege. Through Knowledgentia Consultants, they may register copyright for musical compositions, song lyrics, videos, and much more. Knowledgentia Consultants also offers online music copyright registration in India. The sole rights to the work’s reproduction, replication, and dissemination belong to the owner who files for copyright. For the same objective, they may also transfer authority to another organization.


The registration of your copyright is essential since it proves legal ownership of your work. You are thereafter in charge of the public distribution of the work, the reproduction rights, and any translations or modifications of the work.

How to get copyright registration in India

  1. The registrar must receive an application (containing all details and the declaration of details) in the format of FORM XIV, together with the necessary payments (mentioned in Schedule 2 of the act.). For each work,, a new application must be submitted.
  2. The applicant and the attorney in whose favour a Vakalatnama or a POA has been executed on each application must sign it.
  3. Once the copyright is filed online, the diary number is issued online and thereafter, for a period of 30 days the registrar awaits the original signed documents..
  4. The scrutinizer will review the application for any discrepancies if no objections are submitted within the stipulated time period. If no discrepancies are found, the registration will be completed, and an extract will be provided to the registrar for entry in the Register of Copyright.
  5. If any objections are made, the examiner will notify both parties in writing about them and hold a hearing for them both.
  6. If the objections are settled after the hearing, the scrutineer will examine the application and accept or reject it as necessary.

Copyright Registration Benefits

  • A verified ownership record

A copyright work is one that has been registered on a public record, proving ownership.

  • Copyright violation

In the event of copyright infringement, the copyright owner may file a lawsuit against the infringers to protect their intellectual property and seek statutory damages.

  • Prevents duplicate work from being imported

Owners can prohibit the import of duplicate works by recording the registration with Indian customs.

  • Utilization of by products for profit

Copyright owner has authority over any derivatives or by-products produced for commercial use from the original registered work.

  • Copyright Transfer

The original owner of the copyright may transfer or sell the rights to a third party.

  • Guarantees protection

The proprietors of the work may display it without worrying that it will be copied without their permission thanks to copyright protection.

  • Copyright registration is valid in all Berne member countries with one registration only.


Why opt for Knowledentia Consultants for the copyright registration process

  • Our IP specialists will walk you through the whole procedure in the most simplified way.
  • To save you from having to go through the anguish yourself, all the forms and the application will be filled out by professionals and filed on your behalf.
  • You may submit all the information and papers to a user-friendly dashboard, and the entire procedure is conducted online.
  • With us, your privacy is secured.
  • Any queries you may have can be answered by our support staff in a timely manner.
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