Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

Consumer protection laws have been enacted to protect and safeguard the rights of consumers, forbid unfair business practices and compensate those who are impacted  by unfair trade practices. The Consumer Protection Act also shields customers from being exploited, tricked, or harassed in any way while making purchases of goods and services.

Types of Consumer Rights in India

Right to safety

It is a legal right to be protected from false and misleading advertisement  of goods and services that puts innocent lives and property at  risk. Consumer’s immediate needs and long-term interests should be served by the goods and services they purchase. Before making a purchase, customers should get information about the guarantee of the goods and services as well as the product quality.  They must purchase quality products with ISI or AGMARK certifications and at the same time be safe from any kind of untowards incidents or damages during the usage of of substandard quality products.

Right to choose
Consumers have a legal right to choose from a variety of goods and services at fair rates. In monopoly situations, it alludes to the right to be certain of excellent quality and service at a fair price. Right to choose also includes the right to have access to basic goods and services. This right can be better exercised in a market where prices are competitive and a variety of goods are available.

Right to information
Consumers have a legal right to seek information about the items’ quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard, and price in order to avoid being a target of unfair business practices. The consumer should insist on learning all the details about the product or service before making a decision or making a choice. This will enable him/her to act morally and ethically and prevent him/her from succumbing to high-pressure sales techniques.

Right to consumer education
Every consumer must be given a platform  to acquire knowledge and abilities required to make informed decisions as a consumer. Customers’ ignorance, especially that of rural consumers, is a crucial factor in consumer exploitation. They must understand and utilize their rights. It is only then prevailing laws shall be able to serve their real purpose of  consumer protection.

Right to be heard
All consumers have a right that their  interests  be adequately considered. It also includes the right to have one’s voice heard in a number of forums created with the purpose of protecting consumer welfare. In order to be represented on committees created by the government and other institutions that deal with consumer concerns, consumers should form nonpartisan, non-commercial consumer groups.

Right to Seek redressal
All consumers have a right to report unethical and unfair commercial practices. It also includes the customer’s entitlement to an equitable settlement of their honest concerns. Legitimate complaints from consumers must be filed.

Consumer Responsibilities

Think about it!
Have you ever had an issue with a service provider or retailer?

Have you ever complained about a similar issue?

Are you aware that one way to safeguard your interests is to ask a consumer organization for help?

Think critically
Consumers have a duty to be more vigilant and to inquire more about costs, the amount and quality of things purchased, and the services utilized.

Be Active
All customers must ensure that they, receive a fair offer. Being disinterested or  inactive, can lead to one’s advantage being taken of.

Be prepared
Consumers must be prepared to come together in solidarity, speak up, fight as a group, and build the power and influence necessary to advance and defend consumer interests

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