Is It Necessary to Get Copyright Protection in India?

Copyright Registration Service in India

Why You Should Get Your Content Copyrighted? Copyright registration means obtaining a copyright certificate which grants you a legal right on all your intellectual property. If your idea or innovation is in tangible media and has moral or commercial value, you can protect it with Copyright Registration Service in India. With Copyright Registration Service in […]

Analysis of toyota prius case

Analysis of toyota prius case

In a major setback to Toyota, the apex court has dismissed the appeal of the company for the use of the mark “PRIUS”. The court has agreed with the judgment of the Delhi High Court and has stated that mere reputation would not be sufficient for constituting a passing off action but is required to […]


Introduction When one thinks about fitness or health, ‘Yoga’ is the first thing that comes to mind. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps you to maintain a balanced and relaxed life. Yoga is defined as union between limited self and divine self. Bhagwad Gita, a classical text on yoga defines yoga in following ways:- […]

Manage Your Roots Well and Feel the Strength of Ancestral Blessings

Most of the NRIs and PIOs often ignore the needfor their ancestral property management. They feel worried about their insurances, investment, and other liabilities, but completely ignore their ancestral property. There are two reasons behind it, first, they do not feel the need for that, and secondly, they do not know the ways to protect their ancestral property and […]