More than tangible property owned by a multinational, it is the intangible Brand Name that is considered as a key asset for any business undertaking these days. Almost all enterprises whether profitable or non – profitable, small, medium or large these days focus sufficient amount of time and investment in developing their brand image. Presence […]

Welcome the Onset of Knowledge Economy with Patent Registration India

Patent registration India

Patent registration India is an important exercise; and as a business owner, you cannot ignore it. Recently many industry experts expressed this opinion that gradually most of the business across the world will search for online platforms. In the past, most of the industry sectors were moving to a capital-driven economy. However, in the coming […]

Be with the Best Law Firm of India and Save Your Skin from the Worst Situations That May Arise

best law firm in India

A legal battle is not all about the truth and fairness; it is a well-planned game where the tactics of the legal eagles matter the most. In a condition like this, what is the criterion to select the best law firm in India? In the current compilation, we are presenting some ground facts related to […]

Knowledgentia Consultants – A Team of Technology Transfer Experts

technology transfer in India

What Is Technology Transfer? When the research and studies of one organization like scientific findings, knowledge, technologies, manufacturing processes, and other such processes are passed from one organization to the other, it is called technology transfer. The purpose of technology transfer is the development and commercialization of existing technology further for a broader and better […]