About Us

Knowledgentia Consultants is a Corporate, Legal, and Intellectual Property Rights law firm. We provide exclusive consultancy to our clients for implementation and enforcement of the Intellectual Property and their corporate issues by aiding them to be protected in the competitive market place and protect the value of their business.
We provide extensive advisory services to prospective ventures for setting up business in India by apprising them on types of entities best suitable for their requirements. We are registered Start-up facilitators with the Government of India and simplify the requisite Intellectual property protection for our clients which encompasses Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Designs or Trade secret and supplementary legal documentation.
We provide Corporate curative legal documentation to our clients both at national and international level to reduce chances of litigation and enhance their reach beyond the national boundaries.

Lady Founders

This firm is an endeavour by two women founders, thus falling within the ambit of All Women Entrepreneurs, Founders Mrs. Aparna Jain and Mrs. Harinder Narvan.
We facilitate gravitation of ideas to working technology so that final products can be made available to public in market. We advise our clients to ensure that their businesses are in conformity with the rules, regulations and policies of Government.
We follow professional ethics and apprise clientele with all the pros and cons of their requirement, in advance, to facilitate conscious decision making. Our services are truly confidential under the non-disclosure agreement and we provide trustworthy solution to the clients’ needs.
We provide fair and honest opinions to our clients so that there is minimized scope for any litigation and infringement, and clients can entirely focus on their business objectives instead of fighting long legal battles which are unnecessary and easily avoidable in most of the cases.
We strive for direct communication with the client and our business partners to minimize miscommunication between the expectations of client and output of services from our firm.

Mrs. Aparna Jain is a practicing lawyer, did her Law Degree in India and then Masters in Law, LLM in International Economic Laws from UK and is also a qualified Company Secretary having an experience of more than 15 years. She is well conversant with the legal perspectives which are complementary to the entire field of Corporate Law and Intellectual property laws. She has been diligently handling the corporate drafting for agreements, tri – partite agreements, contracts, legal review and vetting of human resources policy in light of their legal enforcement, litigation and legal consultancy pertaining to supplemental issues. She has gained exemplary experience in pre litigation and preventive legal advisory. She handles the entire ambit of Intellectual property matters including but not limited to trademarks, online brand registration, copyrights, enforcement of IP rights, assignments, royalty, technology transfer and monetization of IP. She has been actively involved in litigation for defending or taking stringent action against counterfeit goods across India.

Mrs. Harinder Narvan is a qualified patent agent, start-up advisor and a scientist under women scientist scholarship scheme by government of India, having 16+ years of experience as Intellectual Property consultant, advisor, writer and speaker with special emphasis on patents, inventions, technology transfer and commercialization; Registered Patent Agent and Registered Start-up Facilitator with Indian Patent Office. She is a highly experienced patent consultant in India, a strategy maker for patents drafting, advising for proper IPR protection and managing patents, prior art and patentability searches, patent invalidation and infringement analysis, IP portfolio management, analysis of inventions across countries, licensing agreements, FTO opinion, patent infringement & invalidity, R&D Consultation, filing and management of national and international patent applications under PCT. She has been advising our clients for all types of intellectual property regarding protection, infringement, launch of new products, agreements in place before launching across all countries, freedom-to-operate analysis or patent invalidation for litigation. She has been also handling in association with our international associates network, patent registration in USA among several other countries. She has been helping clients in successfully registering their patents and executing several projects in domain of mechanical, biotechnology, bioinformatics, pharmaceuticals, computational, vaccines, medicines, physics and electronics.