Posted On: November 14, 2017

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Filing a Copyright

What are Copyrights and Patents ?

A copyright or a patent is the legal designation that is granted to any intellectual property holder, which is designed for protecting that particular property from being sold or copied in any way or from being used even in any sort of way without the authorization from the owner of that property. Intellectual properties include discoveries, inventions, written work, recorded work, drawings and paintings, any plans or designs etc. Basically, any original creation comes under the intellectual properties umbrella. These terms patent and copyright are used in the context of such intellectual properties.

Difference between the Two

Ms. Harinder Narvan of Knowledgentia Consultants, a premier legal firm based out of India, explains the main difference between a copyright and a patent as follows:


Copyrights mainly protect intellectual properties like music, artwork, books, software, maps, scripts, and architectural drawings etc. Such types of works are protected under the copyright law by the virtue of their creations. Registration of these types of works is recommended in the events or cases where the copyright is likely to be infringed upon or where the ownership can be questioned in the long run; however, this is not required as a necessity under the United States of America and most other international copyrighting laws.


Patents are mainly the property grants that are issued to the owners of any intellectual properties, like inventions or discoveries (for example equations in mathematics or product formulas etc). According to United States Patent & Trademark Office, “When patented, the patent owner holds the right towards excluding all other people from making or selling or using his inventions or discoveries within the States.”

How Many Copyrights Are Filed All Over the World Per Year?

As per the World Intellectual property Organization, 233,000 patents were filed in the year 2016 with the US leading the pack by filing nearly 25 percent of total patents. Similarly, Japan and China have shown a double digit growth in number of patent applications filed each year since 2002.

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