Posted On: November 14, 2017

Why are leading Law firms of the US choosing Legal Process Outsourcing from India

What is LPO?

Legal outsourcing, or as it is more commonly referred to Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a common practice in the field of law, where a law firm or a law corporation prefers to obtain legal support services from an outside Legal support services company.

India is placed uniquely in the LPO industry.

And it would come at a surprise, but this simple process has recently grown into a flourishing industry with as many as 60% of leading US law firms choosing to outsource this service from LPO providers based in India. This has put India in a unique position in the law industry. With our country producing a large number of competent and capable lawyers each year, several leading firms are preferring to offshore and outsource these services from India.

Current LPO situation.

LPO generally involves the outsourcing of any activity except those that specifically require the personal presence and contact of the people involved directly. While a lot of the increase in LPO providers in India is due to the increase in the number of capable lawyers, major firms from the US and other countries primarily make use of this facility to save huge amounts of cash. This is considered one of the biggest advantages of the process of offshoring legal services. Rote services can be carried out at a small fraction of the price that an attorney in the US legal market may charge.

What Knowledgentia brings to the table.

Several leading law firms in India are now specialising in the field of LPO services. Knowledgentia has been a pioneer in this field for a substantial amount of time now. Our lawyers are not only well learned and efficient in their field of work, the experience that they bring into their world speaks volumes of their capability. We not only help maximise the amount of progress in the minimum amount of time, but our expertise is spread across all major legal services. Our channels and connections to major law firms and corporations across the country along with major government benefits have helped us provide the best quality of services to clients all across the globe.

Outsourced Legal Services

There are several legal services that are provided by LPO providers. Rote and litigation services haven been predicted to witness up to 200% of annual growth. The most commonly offered services include reviewing of documents, agency work, pleadings and brief drafting, patent services, etc. Outsourcing these services has proved beneficial to major law firms as it saves them time and money.

Knowledgentia Consultants

We at Knowledgentia have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the top LPO firms in the country. Our dedication and expertise has helped clients achieve their goals in minimal amount of time. Visit here (LINK) to glance across the services that we offer and visit here (LINK) to get in touch with us instantly.

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