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Copyright registration services


Copyright is a form of intellectual property right that belongs to the creator of an original literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work, cinematographic film and sound recording. For example, books, pamphlets, choregraphic work lectures, lyrics of a song, musical compositions/notes, photographic work, map, sketch, painting, sculpture and software codes. Copyright enables the owner to take legal action against anyone who makes an attempt to use or exploit for commercial benefit, any work of the original creator. An important aspect to understand while dealing with copyright is that the protection is accorded to expression of an idea and not an idea per se.   Such rights include the right to reproduce, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, and perform and display the work publicly. Knowledgentia Consultants, provides competitive copyright registration services in India. Our team is competent to handle filing, registration and enforcement of copyright locally as well as well versed with Global IPR Protection specifics with respect to Copyright and related rights.

The protection of copyright is for a limited time period. It protects a registered work for generally 60 years. It provides protection of original literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works for 60 years after the death of the author and provides protection to the cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, works of government or other international organizations, etc. for 60 years from the date of publication.

Copyright protection usually entails protecting economic rights that allow owners to derive financial reward from use of their work as well as moral rights that allow authors and creators to take action to preserve their association with their work. Few aspects why registration of copyright is significant are mentioned below :-

  • Copyright registration provides legal protection to the work:

The registration of a work under copyright serves as evidence for proving the ownership of the work to the author or the owner which provides legal protection to him and he can sue for infringement of his copyright work against any unauthorized use by anyone.

  • Copyright registration provides branding and goodwill to the author or the owner:

The certificate of copyright i.e., the registration certificate gives an advantage to the author or the owner for marketing his work as authenticated and registered work thereby creating a brand, quality and goodwill in the mind of the customers.

  • Copyright registration protects from any unauthorized use:

The statutory protection of copyright provides legal remedies to the author or the owner of the copyright against any unauthorized use or reproduction of the work which is considered as a copyright infringement and is against the provisions of the Copyright Act, 1957.

  • Copyright registration provides protection not only in India but outside India as well:

If the copyright is registered even in the countries other than India and vice-versa, the owner would have similar privileges as it has in India according to the Berne Convention.

  • Copyright registration creates an intellectual property:

A registered copyright creates and intellectual property which is an intangible asset that can even be sold, franchised, and contracted commercially thus enabling the author or the owner to make profits.

  • Copyright registration provides royalty to the owner:

The protected copyright work when gets translated or adapted or edited by any person, the author or the owner of the copyright is eligible to claim royalty over such translation, adaptation or editing of his registered copyright work.

Just like any other form of property, ownership in copyright is transferable through assignment as well as licensing depending on laws governing specific countries.

A registered copyright becomes an asset of the owner which can be monetized by selling, franchising or even by getting royalty. A registered copyright also lists the owner of the work so that the work can be traced by its creator. A registered copyright provides legal and statutory protection to the author or the owner of the work thereby giving him a sense of security to display his work to the world without the fear of his work being misused through illegal means. Therefore, registration of copyright is very significant to creator of the work. We, at Knowledgentia, offer copyright registration services in India as well as enforce copyright for a wide array of clients ranging from leading industrialists to brand owners domestically as well as globally. For any queries regarding registration, management, handling as well as enforcement of copyright, you may email us at or call us at 9810296002.

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