Posted On: December 12, 2017

Rent and Tenancy of Immovable Property in India

Leniency Can Become Fatal while Going for Rent and Tenancy of Immovable Property in India

Transfer of Immovable property in India is a lengthy process and it can play havoc for you in the absence of a proper legal framework. It is very important to have right and knowledgeable partners working by your side and taking care of the minute details for you. For instance, when you are signing a deal for the transfer of immovable property in India, make sure to add the clause against the third-party rights. Many imposters are present in the market preferring to sell the same property to two different individuals at the same time. In this case, the person who purchased the property will enjoy the first right on the property and you will become an offender of sorts.

Make Sure That You Can Enjoy Your Property Rights

Pursuing rent and tenancy of immovable property in India is not an easy task, because the creation of tenancy rights with an absence of the clause of renewal can force you to lose control of your own property. While hiring a law firm to handle rent and tenancy of immovable property in India, one should never forget that it is known as immovable because of its possession. The person having a possession of a property always enjoys an upper hand. Most of the seasoned law firms like Knowledgentia consultants know the basic formulas associated with these properties. They know that how certain people first take a possession in a good faith and then create disputes related to the land or the immovable property.  This dispute helps then in getting a status quo and they enjoy a proxy ownership of the immovable property.

Safeguard Your Position for the Future and Never Compromise on Current Gains

The boom in the real estate industry of the India during the previous decade created a new market for the rental properties. Most of the investors were under tremendous pressure. This is why, the culture of the rent and tenancy of immovable property in India prevailed. When the pressures of the EMIs increased, many real estate owners searched for bulk deals. In order to gain higher rates, they created long-term tenancy rights for the parties in exchange for the higher rates. So finally, they created long-term tenancy rights. On checking the rent and tenancy of immovable property in India, it is found that if long-term tenancy rights are not executed properly, they can create big troubles. A trusted partner like KNOWLEDGENTIA can always handle these issues for you and come up with right kind of formats and secure your interests without affecting your immediate gains from the property.

In the current realms, the laws of tenancy rights and possession of immovable property are shaping up with the help of new tangents. Instead of hiring a standalone entity, you should hire a law firm. Law firms safeguard your interests well by leaving no stones unturned during the signing of an agreement. They can also generate various notifications for you because they work in an organized sector environment following the culture of follow ups.

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