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Knowledgentia Consultants is the preferred partner of several off-shore legal entities when it comes to reviewing legal documentation, extensive legal research, insightful legal writing, and legal drafting. Our firm also provides end-to-end legal support services to India based agencies.
Our aim is to process foreign law in India at fractional costs and greater efficiency. Knowledgentia Consultants is a professionally managed company that gives maximum value for money upon outsourcing legal processes. An LPO, like Knowledgentia Consultants, gives lawyers the flexibility to multiply their billable hours and at the same time reduce consultation fees, thus increasing the volume of business.
We conduct patent-prior art searches for new innovations, technology, products and processes after analysing the write up by the clients. We then provide detailed opinion on patentability for ease of decision of the clients. We also conduct patent mapping, infringement searches, freedom to operate analysis, patent family tree searches, etc. as per the requirement.
We provide services to law firms, universities, research and development wings of corporates & governments and other agencies.