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Land Dispute Lawyers

A “land dispute” usually involves more than one conflicting claims to the right in a particular land by 2 or more than 2 parties, which are focused on that particular land; and that could be addressed within the existing legal framework. Indian Constitution originally provides the right to property (that includes land) under the Articles 19 & 31; wherein, the Article 19 guaranteed that all of the citizens possess the right to acquire, hold & dispose of any property; and the Article 31 stated that no person is deprived of his property save by the authority of law. Nevertheless, these land laws are usually exploited by many illegal possessors and/or squatters for illegally acquiring a piece of land, specifically in cases where NRIs (owners of the property) are involved, and who are not present in India.

Let us see some of the ways by which illegal possession is done by many squatters. There are mainly 2 ways:

  • Illegal possession using fake documents
  • Illegal possession by tenant occupation

Some Ways by Which You Can Protect Your Property from Any Illegal Possession

1. Bona Fide documents

  • Deed
  • Mutation
  • Jamabadis
  • Copy of the will(s)
  • Telephone and/or water bills
  • Original purchase agreement(s)

2. Post-Purchase Formalities

  • Firstly, getting all the records of the revenue in your name particularly
  • Then issuing of the public notice about your property acquisition in any local newspaper
  • After that, getting all of the genuine certifications from all revenue & registration offices
  • Finally, paying all the taxes related to those concerned authorities

3. Steps to consider, other than the legal post-purchase formalities

  • Try to always stay in touch with your neighbours of that owned property as they can help you in giving information in case any activities takes place on your property.
  • Try to pay regular visits to your property. If you are an NRI, you can tell someone from your family to go and pay visits to your property or you do so yourself every time you come to the country.
  • You can also build a boundary on your property in case it is on an empty land.
  • If needed, you can even take the assistance of some property management firm like ours that can take care of all your legal property matters

Some Common Types of Land Disputes in India

Following are some of the types of land disputes in India:

  • Property disputes among siblings after property owners (parents in most such cases) death
  • Tenants occupying lands of landlords/NRIs
  • NRI siblings property claims after property partition against their other siblings settled in India
  • Property disputes arising due to real-estate property deals
  • Family land disputes where other members of the families may be involved, other than just the siblings and/or children

When Do You Need a Land Dispute Lawyers?

Often in life, one may come across a situation, in which, one has to deal with legal matters, and the best assistance in such a situation is expected to be provided by professionals such as the land dispute lawyers; their services may vary in terms of title and terms of services. Lawyers providing services on behalf of the governing state are the ones known as the prosecutors. And lawyers, who are into providing legal solutions services to corporates, are referred to as corporate lawyers. And the ones, who deal and specialize in legal matters relating to the purchase and sale of real estate or property, are referred to as “solicitors”. Their specialization pertains to the field in which legal issues when buying or selling real estate or property is involved. They can be hired by both the seller and the buyer of the land. However, the type of services can differ in terms of sales and purchasing.

Follow the below practices while dealing in Sale or Purchase of Land

Often while involving a land purchase or selling, one may use services of conveyancers, who have an important role in the whole scenario as this involves his/her responsibility to conserve every right of a seller, they tend to have a sale contract prepared in which each and every term & conditions of the agreement and commitment are clearly worded, which is to be mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and seller, considering the rules and laws of the land.

When it comes to services on behalf of a buyer, it is different. It’s their task to identify any errors in the legal procedures and documents provided by the seller. In case of any issues related to payment or documentations, the conveyancers tend to seek the help of land dispute lawyers, who do study in detail and do an analysis of the legality involved, and may even appear in the court for their clients to present the whole case in favour of their clients. Land dispute lawyers tend to resolve the problems arising due to legal bottlenecks and fix a settlement for disputes in this regard.

Follow the below practices while dealing in Sale or Purchase of Land

Knowledgentia Consultants is one of the leading land dispute lawyers and solicitor services providing firm based in Delhi. They specialize in property law & have a thorough understanding of the technicalities involved. Having an experience of more than a decade and in dealing with any kind of legal matters, their team of lawyers is extremely professional and modest. They offer the most affordable prices for the services related to land disputes.

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