Posted On: November 14, 2017

Is Your Incubator Authentic ?

Start-ups are the norm of the day, and with the government offering up schemes and benefits for all start-ups in the country, more and more people are coming up with their own entrepreneurial business ideas in a zest to revolutionize the Indian business scene.

But opening up a start-up is not as easy as it sounds. You require a great idea, some dedicated hard working people and some ingenious funding. Though, thanks to the present trend in start-up culture, angel investors are on the rise. Everyone from businessmen and corporations wants to get in to the start – up scene. This has lead to a lot of unprecedented growth, and has overall proved beneficial for all parties involved.

A major factor in today’s start up culture is the use of a start-up incubator. An incubator is just like it sounds a catalyst for local, regional, national and global growth of the business. However there are certain specifics that you must keep in mind before you choose an incubator for your own startup.

Is Your Start-up Incubator Registered With The Government Of India?

Arguably the most crucial aspect that you need to consider while making the optimal use of a startup incubator is to check whether they are registered with the Government of India. The government of the country has taken certain safeguards by registering incubator firms and companies so as to protect the rights and interests of startups in the country.

The Indian Government registers startup incubators in order to ensure that there are no fraudulent practices that might harm the interests of the budding entrepreneurs. If you do plan to hire a startup incubator for assistance and growth analysis, you must ensure that the concerned firm is registered with the government. This ensures that you are also eligible for availing the multiple benefits and schemes that the government has come up with for startups.

Knowledgentia is registered with the Government of India.

Knowledgentia Consultants offers tailor made facilitator services to start-ups, and what’s more is that Knowledgentia is registered with the Indian Government to provide the best quality services for your growth and development. For registering your Patents and Trademarks having a startup facilitator can prove to be a wise investment. Partner with Knowledgentia for the simplest and most effective solutions for your idea and company.

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