Contract Drafting Services

Contract Drafting Services

In essence, legal drafting is the synthesis of facts and the law that may have an effect on the parties. It provides a systematic method for creating any type of written legal document, including a contract, agreement, memorandum of understanding, undertaking, tri-partite agreement, etc. Legal drafting services from Knowledgentia Consultants are distinguished by their methodical use of writing norms to aid law firms.

Advantages of outsourcing drafting services

  • It might be challenging to find time to prepare the documents that significantly support your case because of the pressure of meeting deadlines, court schedules, trials, and client meetings.
  • Hiring an individual or an entity to provide you with legal drafting services is sometimes a costly endeavour.
  • From drafting agreements and court-specific documents   to their revision , proofreading, and copyediting previously drafted documents can be a time consuming and expensive affair
  • The provisions in contracts and court documents can also be examined by a team of specialists, who can then rewrite them to guarantee that they will still mean the same thing when used in a new jurisdiction.

Types of contact drafting services

  • Predictive or informational legal drafting services include the drafting of memorandums following intensive legal research services and analysis on a specific legal issue and the formulation of an opinion or recommendation supported by citations to pertinent statutes, case law, and other relevant legal authorities.
  • Writing letters to customers in the specified format is another variation of this type of drafting. It also falls under the category of informative drafting to present statements of facts in briefs.
  • Persuasive drafting refers to the process of drafting documents motions and papers that are intended to persuade a judge, arbitrator, or mediator to accept the moving party’s position and rule in its favour. Also convincing in character are Negotiation Letters and Settlement Agreements.
  • Legal forms and the goals of the parties to the agreement must be met by agreements and contracts that are drafted using contracting principles.
  • The documents that need to be prepared in order for the discovery process to be successful are covered by the discovery drafting services, writing interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admission, and requests for the production of witnesses would fall under this category.
  • Copyright, trademark/industrial design Registration, Copyright Notice, cease and desist notice, caution notice, Patents, Copyright Infringement, Terms of Use, Disclaimers, and Privacy Policies are just a few of the Intellectual Property (IP) related documents that must be drafted properly, revised, and reviewed.
  • In order to provide re-drafting services, contracts, agreements, personal injury demand letters, contract analysis, editing, proofreading, and re-structuring of previously prepared contracts, agreements, and court-specific documents must all be reviewed, agreed upon, and reviewed for accuracy.
  • To make sure that the required information is accessed more quickly and easily, summary drafting services include summarizing depositions, transcripts, and opinions.

Industries that need drafting services

With carefully crafted legal outsourcing services, we assist businesses and individual experts.

  • Legal Experts and Consultants
  • Company homes
  • Internet designers
  • Webmasters
  • Software providers,
  • Pro se litigants, and
  • Publishing companies

Why opt for Knowledgentia Consultants for drafting services

Knowledgentia Consultants has an advantage over competitors that are similarly situated in this market due to the following factors:

  • Facts, concerns, and causes that are pertinent are successfully addressed
  • Citing the most recent and accurate case law, statutes, and precedents to support your case
  • Agreements and judicial documents in format as provided  by the law
  • Legal documents are drafted by attorneys with experience in common law systems, a solid understanding of writing regulations,  proper use of grammar and language, and a current understanding of legal changes.
  • access to records from other jurisdictions
  • staying away from administrative hassles and uncomfortable situations
  • Authentic financial savings
  • Speedy turnaround, Timely assurance of the accuracy and reliability of the data, Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of documents
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