Posted On: February 6, 2018

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Your Efforts Are the Worthy Treasures If You Are Aware of Copyright Registration in India

The primary definition as it is described in the 1957 law of Indian copyright act, considers your artworks and intellectual properties as the efforts. This statement forms the basis of the copyright registration in India. However, this is not the end of the story, because, for a clean process of copyright registration in India, you are required to put down some extra efforts as well. The current compilation of the facts will give you a list of the formalities when you go for copyright registration in India. We, at Knowledgentia Consultants, with ample years of experience can help you greatly in this regard.

Understand That the Title of a Catchphrase Is Not a Copyright

While going for copyright registration in India, make sure that you are not misleading it with trademark registration. Small titles, brand names, catchphrases, and logos do not command the line of copyright registration in India. Also, copyright registration in India is very much at par with international standards. It also means that when you are searching for the material falling under copyright registration in India, then you are actually talking about elaborated concepts and synopsis of various ideas. Your synopsis should cover the main topic and periphery related to the topic. While writing this type of synopsis or artwork, it should be taken in mind that inspirations are not being generated from other artworks. In the case of dispute courts, authorities will take a note of the timeline, and if your registration belongs to an earlier date, then you are the winner. It also means that time is the primary criteria where your registration can win a definitive edge over other competitors or claimants.

A Copyright Is the Prima Facie Evidence and Certainly the Strongest Claim of Ownership

There are many cases pertaining to copyright registration in India. The study of most of these cases gives us a clear picture that anything after this registration is a prima facie evidence of timeline. The certificate of copyright registration in India always creates your presence on the timeline of the creativity. In recent developments, many unknown authors tried to claim intellectual property rights based on the digital presence of their work of art, for instance, Electronic mails and others. Every other claim can fall into the trap of the ambiguity or doubt. In the case copyright registration in India, it is clear that if you own a certificate, then you are a universal owner of the intellectual property.

Knowledgentia as Your Legal Arm

Those who are aware of the legal terminology know the fact that a prima facie evidence is the evidence having the power to bring in an immediate relief for any claimant. The thing about a viral content is that, if you are late to claim, then the damage is done. This is why, if you stay in touch with us, then we can always ensure prompt registrations for you and make sure that you are moving ahead with correct language to safeguard your status. The presence of the copyright registration certificate can also help you a great deal when you go for the quantification of your claims. Copyright registration in India brings you in the league of the organized players as well, and Knowledgentia goes with you as a trusted legal partner.

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