Brand Registration In India

Brand Registration In India

What is Brand Name Registration?

The reputation of the brand speaks volumes about it and the variety of products and services it provides. For all types of commercial enterprises, brand registration or trademark registration is therefore necessary. A brand or trademark can simply be a symbol or any other indication that, to a potential client in any part of the world, appears to represent the entire business or operation. The procedure of registering a brand or a trademark necessitates the assistance of a few skilled and expert trademark attorneys.

How is Brand registration different from Trademark registration?

While a trademark legally protects the elements of your brand that are distinctive and particular to your firm, your brand still serves as a public representation of your reputation and business. It is incorrect to conflate the terms “trademark” and “brand,” as they have substantial distinctions. Consider the two while keeping in mind the “all-but-not-all” principle. While not all brands are trademarks, all trademarks are brands.

Your Brand is just your image in the most basic sense. It is how the general public perceives your business. A Trademark is a particular component of your brand that is legally protected since it serves as your exclusive means of identification. Trademarks can be certain words or phrases, such as slogans, which play a key role in the branding of your business.

Advantages of Brand name/trademark registration

  • Exclusive license to use the brand
  • The value of a brand is owned by a registered trademark.
  • preserving goodwill in the business
  • affords its owners legal protection
  • Easy creation of commercials and effective public relations

How to apply for Brand name registration with Knowledgentia Consultants

We offer services for trademark registration and enforcement for all types of marks, including words, services, devices, series marks, product shapes, certification marks, collective markings, and sound marks. A trademark must be unique, not misleading or descriptive, and in accordance with morals and public policy in order to be registered.

Information needed to register a trademark:

  • Name and address of the applicant; the name of the authorized representative in the case of a firm;
  • When has the mark been used- time of initial usage with document substantiating the same;
  • a Jpeg image of the mark, its logo, or its tagline or combination of either;
  • specifics on the products or services that the mark has been applied to or will be applied to;
  • Power of attorney

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