Posted On: November 14, 2017

All You Need To Know About Trademark Registration

If you are planning to start up a business of your own or expand it, Knowledgentia Consultants is the right place to go to. They advise and file for protection of brand names, word, corporate names, mark, logo, tagline of its clients under relevant classes for protection as trademarks.
They advise on the importance of trademark and branding for business or service Industry in India as well as abroad.

Knowledgentia Consultants is not only into just protecting the trademarks; it also advises and undertakes the entire process of trademark registration. From research to drafting to filling to examination to prosecution and even renewal of amendments, they help their clients in doing it all. They conduct research for the clients in goods and services as per their requirement and activities in India and abroad.

A regular tab is kept on its competitors, the existing brands as well as the new brands coming into the market. The clients are advised accordingly as what could be the next step. It could be for pursuing the opposition, rectifying or legal action for infringement.

Clients at Knowlegentia are advised legal remedies that can be enforced with their intellectual and property right in harmony with the clients’ presence in the market and loss of reputation and goodwill. It tells the clients about all the available options, which help them decide what might be the best for their company.

Knowlegentia Consultants is known for providing supplemental investigation services to the extent of piracy/fake goods in jurisdictions for initiating enforcement actions. The entire responsibility of undertaking ranging from raids, civil suits, local commissioner raids and reports, ex parte injunction as well as ensuring relief to the clients by restraining orders as well as the cost of litigation.

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